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Hi everyone

Just joined the forum for moral support. Went straight into cold turkey on September 12 after 45 years of smoking. Never thought I would do it and I am taking one day at a time. I have been taking St John's Wort to help me through the process and wondered if anyone else had tried this herbal remedy and how long you can take it for?

Also when do the cravings stop? Still get the urge to smoke around mid morning and again late evening especially with the insomnia still kicking in.

Mouth sores have healed up, never knew you could get so many side effects from giving up the weed.


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  • I dont know anything about St Johns Wort really apart from a friend that took them but he didnt feel that they helped him..but insomnia I can sympathise with..I sleep really badly due to nightshift and a terrible sleep pattern habit i picked up form university aswell and the two things that i found that helped is Valarian herbal tea [which you can get in tescos i think] and also kalms sleeping tablets are a life saver for me..they don't ALWAYS work but enough so that I can get a few nights decent kip...sorry if thats not much use to ya..

    x x x

  • Hi Linda - welcome! let me again tell you how great it is that you have one smoke-free month under your belt :)

    Sorry I can't be of any help about the St John's Wort, but I am interested about it - I suppose it works? if so, how? I'm fine in my quit and I feel rather good most of the times, but seeing as I reeeeally hate this season whole-heartedly I'm thinking maybe it could help me too thought these dark, short - horrid - days :rolleyes:

    As for the cravings hun, at day 60 I don't "crave" cigarettes anymore but I still do think about smoke several times a day, I reason about it a lot, the nic monster is is not dead and I'm well aware of it - but no such a thing as a real craving, it's more like when you spend a few minutes thinking fondly of a lovely memory - geez it's a twisted addiction :rolleyes:

  • St John's Wort

    Hi Francesca

    Hope I can get to 60 days that would be awesome!

    St John's Wort has the ingredient Hypercerium (don't know if that is spelt correctly) but the herbal tablet must be a good quality one (lots of low grade hypercerium out there which are useless). Kira St John's Wort helped to lift my spirits although it doesn't work for everyone and you have to take care if you are on any other medication.

    ps have been to Italy a few times, it is beautiful. May get back there with the money I am saving not smoking!


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