10 days smoke free!

Hiya gang!

Well i've just entered Day 10! I am officially in double figures now!

Apologies for not being on much over the weekend, been a busy one, and a tough one at that!

Was round Mr Louise's all weekend, bit of a tough one as his stepdad and bro smoke, normally when we're on the pc or watching a movie we're smoking, i found it very difficult not to crave one! But got thru it with some help and willpower! And lolipops! lol

Craving a bit more today but i will not give in, i've come this far and after day 3's cravings i've decided i dont wanna go thru that all over again!

Once again i thank ppl on here for help and support and kind words to help me get this far xxx

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  • he's doing great, he really is not bothered by it all, or so he say's.

    As i've said before he was always one of those smokers who could take it or leave it! So jelous of that!!! :mad:

    Buton the plus side of that he has been a great support and has got me this far! :D

  • Louise you are right, Mr Lousie's ease of not smoking is a great thing for you!! if you had a mood swinging husband with a permanent mood on you would not be a happy bunny :D

    Well done for getting through a tough weekend, that is another hurdle cleared and now you know you can go round to his and not smoke!!

    Well Done Louise x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • WOOOOOOOO well done :D


  • you too dumplin! :D hehehe

  • WOOOOOOOO well done :D


    And Doublio figurinos for yous too :D

    Going great guns dumplin!!

    Keep up the strength *hugs*

    ~Buffy x x

  • aww thanks to all for nice comments.

    Found it really hard today, feel very anxious (dont think that's spelt right!) and have done all day, chest has been hurting a bit too, be worth it in the end when i can feel normal!!!! :(

  • Hi Louise, congratulations on your double digit. You shoould feel really chuffed with yourself(and hats off to you for making it through the w/e esp as mr Louises family smokes. As to feeling anxious take 3or 4 deep breaths and exhale

    S L O W L Y. Well done againhttp://img118.exs.cx/img118/6682/q6ibounce.gifhttp://img118.exs.cx/img118/6682/q6ibounce.gif

  • well done .

    glad you didnt give in over the weekend:D

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