No Smoking Day

Day 11

Well its day 11 for me and so far so good.Saturday was my worse day i really could of had a fag,but i didnt.The kids done my head in i done nothing but shout at them which i did say sorry for after as it was me being the pain as i wanted a fag so much,in the end we went out and it took my mind off it.:) All i keep thinking is if only i could have a drag just one drag:eek: But i am not going to have a drag,off to do some painting now got to do something:D

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Well done you day 11 WOW i will be there in a few days keep up the good work:)


Grats on day 11, Teresa !!!

I didn't feel too guilty when I was snapping at the kids in the earlier stages, I just got it in to perspective, a few rants from mum is better than being a lifetime smoker and exposing them to that!

Ah painting x x Lovely distraction!! you could start on some christmas card designs too! 'tis only 77 days to go :D yayayay

~Buffy x x


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