No Smoking Day
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Sick of people telling me smoking is bad for me

This is more of a tip for friends of smokers.

Please don't say things like "smoking is bad for you" or "why don't you quit?"

Most, if not all smokers know the effects of smoking and don't need to have the obvious stated. Being lectures like we're stupid is not a helpful technique to get us to quit.

With that said, I am on my third day of not smoking. To keep me occupied I am actually building my own quit smoking website.

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Hi cheers

Couldn't agree with you more. I also think the more people say stuff (no matter how well their intentions) it makes smokers even more dtermined to carry on! :mad:


I agree, it gets right on my T**ts:mad:


It's a personality thing. I personally would never think I would have the right to speak to someone in that manner, who the f*** am I!!!???

Best reply would be something like,

'Yes, and you are ugly but I tomorrow I can quit'

Along the lines of the famous Winston Churchill 'you're drunk' quote :D hehehe

Welcome cheers and grats on your day3 quit!!

Keep busy and stay strong x x

Now you're quit you can go tell those friends you think they are in serious danger of having no life or friends and should consider a personality transplant :D 'Miaow' hehehehe

~Buffy x x


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