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No Smoking Day
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Starting Week 3

Well, I had a great weekend, had parents to visit, was worried because mum smokes and it was the frist time i've been around a smoker since I quit. We had a BBQ Sat night and being sat in the garden with her I felt really tempted, (for about 10 mins) glad I didn't succombe though as I just started to feel a bit sick from the smell. Realised that the BBQ tasted better anyway and so just let to feeling pass.

The tiredness has deminished now too, so feeling much better and looking forward to another smoke free week.:D

How is everyone else getting on, did you all have a good weekend???

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Hey you did really good, be very proud and stay strong! the first two weeks were the hardest for me, I think I can safely say that from now on you'll see that things get SO much better! Keep up the good work and most of all, enjoy life :)


week 3 for me too!

:cool: My weekend went well. There are always moments, but they are getting better. I keep telling myself it's all physchological at this point. This week certainly has started off much better than last week. There were a few days last week I could have ripped someones head off. The support on this forum does wonders! Thanks to all for being so supportive! Big hugs!!! :)


Week 4 Getting better buy the day

overtheedge, glad to hear your weekend went well, moving into week 4 is strange. I thought I'd miss it more than I do. Strange how is seesm lees scary now than only 3 weeks ago.


Your all doing Fab. It does seem to get a bit easier once you get to week 3

Lets all keep going:D


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