No Smoking Day

Day 12 already

Thank you to all who reply to my message last week, I realised that the tired feeling I had was only partly because of giving up the cigs :rolleyes: and more the fact that I managed to catch some kind of virus that had me laid up in bed for 4 days. :mad:

I must admit that I haven't even thought about having a cig for over a week now. This time I will succeed, this is a great place to get support, and to read others experiences it makes you remember that your not alone, so good luck to everyone else who is going through the same thing, .

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Yeah For Day 12!

Sounds like you are doing very well..I am one day behind you and so it is very interesting to hear what is happening with you. I still feel a sore throat and very lethargic at times.this is to be expected I suppose. I think it is amazing that so many people are doing this and becoming free of this disgusting and expensive habit...thanks for posting!!


Well done to you too... I'm so glad that your sticking to it as well. I know from others that it gets better although I expect a few bad days. My mum is visiting tomorrow and whilst she will go outside to smoke it's going to be a difficult weekend being around it. I have been really lucky in that I have managed in the last week or so to be in smoke free situations, as all public places are smoke free now.

Keep posting and let me know how your getting on.


Well Done on getting to day 12.



Perhaps you can look at getting sick a sort of a blessing. When sick I never wanted to smoke quite as much because I wanted to get over my cold.

I guess the dangerous part could be this:

As a smoker when I was sick I did not smoke as much, however as I started to "get better" I would smoke twice as much to "make up for lost time"!

Just make sure as you start to get better that you don't let your guard down to your mind telling you it's time to smoke again.

Stay Smoke Free! You can do it! Congrats on Day 16!


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