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me fat bastard

Hi all good morning

I have reluctantly had to order some bigger waist size jeans 42" waist 38" leg, i had managed to get down to 38" waist before i stopped smoking and since i stopped its been downhill all the way. the one up side of this is at least i am a non smoker now. Hopefully the extra work i am doing at the gym and when i finish the champix my weight will start to drop again.

I hope every1 had a nice smokefree weekend i had the added bonus of having a long weekend as i had monday off as well. I woke up and didnt feel like getting up for work so went back to sleep and had a flexi day.

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As long as its just your waist size Andy as opposed to your bra size!!!!!!!

(couldn't resist that one seeing as in my last post to you Imis read your name and ended up thinking you were female - SORRY:o

Quick question. My quit day is 2moro -day 9 of champix and for some strange reason I am smoking more than ever today. Am I normal??? Days 1-8 I smoked less and less so why do I want loads 2day?:(



It effects people differently, i did the full 14 days and i was smoking more than normal, yet other people on this forum quit before the 14 days and smoked less.I did the full 14 days as i was scared of stopping smoking or should i say scared of not having any tobacco. anyway if you want to stop after 8 days then good luck to you.


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