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Into Month 10 - FAT! :/

Hi All,

Not posted for a while!

So I'm now in month 10, feeling great re the quit, chest finally feeling better and asthma more controlled. :)

Just one problem...the 2 stone I have put on!! :mad:

I am very careful about what I eat, I exercise 5 times a week, I follow a calorie controlled diet, and have done throughout my quit, but I cannot lose a single lb no matter what I do!

I have tried everything I can think of, next step is to contact my doctor as its stressing me out more than the quit did!!

Anyone else in a similar situation?

Thank you,

Adele x

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Well- firstly- huge congratulations on your 10 months Adel! :D It's lovely to hear from you again and to know you're still on track for the Penthouse (and veru soon too- well done you!! :))

Re the weight loss, if you're definitely sticking to a calorie controlled diet and exercisng but still not losing weight, I think you need to get it checked out just in case there is some underlying issue with your thyroid or something. You do burn off slightly less calories as a non-smoker, but I would have expected your body to be starting to adapt by now.

Are you absolutely certain you're sticking to the diet? It's very easy to think you are when actually you're not. Keeping a food diary and weighing your portions might be an idea if you haven't already done so. I don't mean to be patronising- really I don't- but if you are burning less calories than you're consuming you should be losing weight...

None of this detracts from your absolutely mighty quit achievement I hasten to add :)


WOW WOW WOW, The penthouse is glowing brightly your so close, very well done, huge congratulations:)

I to would have a bit of a m.o.t, for women, and if all is well, then maybe, try changing your diet. I know easier said than done!

Please have a check up, massive well done:)


Thank you very much both of you! I am very proud of myself! :D

Skiddaw i think I may need to start actually weighing out everything I eat, I just thought as I am eating the same as I was before and during the quit that I would still be losing! I think a week off the diet, a few naughty treats, then hit it hard back on Weight Watchers!

I am VERY excited to be gaining entry to the Penthouse, I'll be there in 27th Jan 2015, don't you worry! :D

Thanks again Guys.

Love Adele xx


Well done on your quit :D

I used and found it invaluable for helping me count calories and log exercise. I also joined a gym and discovered Zumba, which has helped me keep the weight off since I lost it.

Good luck :D


I've know the 5:2 work for a lot of people. The trick to it is to not go mad on the non-fast days, but to eat normally. I think the problem is that it is psychologically easy to over-compensate on the non-fast days, eat far more than you would normally eat, and undo all the good work the fast days did.

Adel, I think your plan to join Weight Watchers is a good one. It can be really helpful to have some peer support (as we on the forum can vouch for! :D) and with a good group-leader you'll get some excellent one to one advice too.

Good luck with it. :)


A good diet is the one you can stick to for the rest of your life. Make it a lifestyle. So 5:2 might be a short term solution, but once you stop it you'll gain the weight back.

Calculate your TDEE here using first formula, Mifflin-St Jeor. Choose apropriate exercise level. Subtract 500 from your TDEE and count everything you eat. And I mean everything except 0 calories stuff.

You'll have a sustainable diet and gradually lose ~0.5kg per week as long as you keep exercising and eat at deficit.

Edit: Max just left a post at the same time as me. If you really want something like 5:2 diet, I would personally look into intermittent fasting instead, where you would eat your daily caloric needs in a short time window (like 8 hours), instead of taking only 500 calories per day while you need at least triple that amount just to stay alive in the bed without doing anything. But each to its own :)


Well done on 10 months Adel, that's fantastic - almost at the Penthouse.

I agree with Hellers regarding My fitness pal, It's a great tool because it educates you on calorie/fat/salt intake. My OH and I are on it and have both lost weight by reducing our daily calorie intake. I like this diet as I LOVE food and I'm not prepared to give up all my favourite things so I just reduce portions and an occasional blowout day doesn't hurt.

If you have been reducing calories and dieting you should see a doctor though to rule out Thyroid issues as others have said. Good luck. :):)


The thing is you don't really need to avoid any type of food, even if you count calories. If you don't care about healthy living, you could eat crappy food every day and still lose weight. I recently watched a documentary on that. A guy ate at McDonalds for 30 days, lost weight and even managed to lower his cholesterol with this diet.

Also, you won't be counting calories forever as you get to know your portions over time. And once you are satisfied with your weight, you can just eat at maintenance and never worry about gaining weight again. Just an alternative to 5:2 stuff :)


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