No Smoking Day

Why is Day 4 so difficult ?

I thought that by end of day 3 your body had got rid of all the nicotine? Why is my brain screaming for a cigarette this afternoon. I can't seem to think about much else and nearly gave in to it earlier on.

Day 2 was tough .. but nowhere near as bad as today.

Can anyone tell me when the real 'screaming cravings' start to go ?



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I am 7 weeks quit and the mind cravings are still bad.The physical cravings are long gone but i have smoked since before my teens and at 48,i know this will take time.I cant remember life without smokes so i knew this would be hard.This 3 day thing i do not believe.If you have made smoking part of your life then just because nicotine is out of you is only part of it.For me the mind games and living long term without cigs are the hard bit.It is a fact that each day is a step nearer though .


I know the feeling. I don't beleive the 72 hour nicotine free either. I have been smoking menthols forever and it is such a part of me that I know I have a long road to hoe to change all the habits. The lemon water and wedges when the cravings are the worst is helping this time. I carry elmon wedges to work every day. We are going to the fair tonite so I have bought gum and they sell lemon ice so I am sure I will spend all my money on the lemon ice.


I think Allen Carr hit the nail on the head. The withdrawl symptons from nicotine are so slender you'll hardly notice them. It's the psychological symptons you feel much more. I think that's why I didn't use NRT. I'm not saying for one moment it's wrong, I just agreed with him that the mind games are the hardest and the sooner I accept I'm a non-smoker the easier it will become. My head has been trying to get me to smoke today and it has been tough but I KNOW it'll get easier. I stopped for 8 months 2 years ago (then I got paraletic and started smoking again). If it had been like it has today for 8 months there's no way I'd have lasted that long. In fact, I can remember it didn't even bother me after a while. I'll just hang in there and wait until the cravings go. I'm eating like crazy at the moment but I'm starting to feel better fromnot smoking already (sorry to be so graphic but it's great I don't wake up with a mouthful of phlegm on a morning).

Going for another cake now :p

It feels great being a NON-SMOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Ali

Know what you mean.

All my previous quits normally ended at day 4 or day 5.

I had done this for more than 20 years:o

I really thought i would never give up.

A total nociotine slave. Even took my cigs to the bathroom and smoked while in the bath.:o

Now, I am on day 84 of my quit :cool:

Still cannot belive that I have come this far.

The cravings are still there, especially like tonight when having a little tipple.

But the whole thing does get easier. I promise it does.

Just stay with it Ali.

You can do it mate.

Keep it up.:)


Thank you for your replies .. what you say makes real sense and put things back into perspective again. It real helps to hear that although you've gone through these horrible cravings you've stuck with it and not smoked - I think you're all amazing :)

Think I'll also stock up on lemons today .... sit and read my Alan Carr book whilst listening to the Paul McKenna cd ... that should do it :)

Hope you all have a really good Sunday

Take care




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