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No Smoking Day
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Self Doubt

Having looked at this site, and read all the supportive comments, I decided to register.

I am on day 5 (nearly finished) having quit both the weed and the rollies at the same time. Am still finding it really difficult, but as the username suggests, have set myself a personal challenge to find out if I can.

Have gone from 10 fags and about 5 joints a day, to nothing. Have tried to quit many times before, but without success.

Today has been horrid, loads of self doubting and thoughts of "only 1 would be OK?!?" so far have resisted the urge, and hoped that by sharing stories with others, would keep me on the right path.

Do these thoughts (currently occuring every 10 mins or so) dissipate over time? Here's hoping?

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HI things do get better I would say the first week is really hard and you only got two days to go. My own quit once i got passed day 5 my whole out look changed for the better so 2moro things should really improve. You will have great support here with both weeds Hehehe Good luck any way Linda xxxx


Hi Linda,

Great to have someone respond so quick, makes me feel like not alone.

Thanks for the advice; hope to be here tomorrow with positive news. That I have not fallen into my own mind trap.



Welcome Can I x x x :D

Ooooh please hang tight day 5 is a long day :( between day 3 - 5 one hits a bad one.

You are doing so well x x and tomorrow will be better if not the next day,

It isn't a long time to suffer for your health x x

Just take it hour by hour and find something to keep you busy x x

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Hi ya canIkickit,

Welcome, 251

Well done on your quit so far, day 5 is great, the worst days are gone and behind you now!

You didn't say if you were using nrt or champix or are you cold turkey?

I am on champix, it is pretty good.

Don't even think about having just one, coz it is a bad bad thought to have and you know it wont be just one!

Keep plodding on mate, one day at a time and the time does fly, come on here and keep your hands busy.

Good luck,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


well, thanks to everyone for their support.

it maks me feel good knowing people are out there, having the same feelings, and going through the same stuggles.

in answer to question: am going cold turkey this time, tried the chewing gum nrt last time, and ended up chewing myself into a bigger addiction! i guess it is all about what works for you, so hoping this time that will power alone can get me though.

off to run about for a bit, having just got back from work!

will be back, thanks again!:)


thanks! will try, not sure how the lungs will cope after so long smoking, but i thought that if i made it, it would make me feel more positive going into day 7.

having said that, day 6 was better than the walowing in self pity that day 5 brought.

onwards and upwards eh!:D


Aw you got through the worst bit :D

Grats for coming through to the other side :D

Nearly the 1 st week done!!

Go CanIKickIt (yes you can) :D



Hello to you CanI!!! Of course you CAN!!!!!! It is a long hard process, but we can all do this with a bit of support from one another! Hang in there, you can do it. We are all here right behind you! :D


Thanks to all for their responses, I already feel better...:D


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