No Smoking Day

Moving On Up

Good Morning Everbody

I hope this all finds you well and happy.

Today I have done 31 days - 1 month of not smoking with a couple of minor blips.

Can't believe I have got here - but it is all thanks to you guys - you have indeed been a tower of strength especially at times when the only exit door seemed to be the smoking one.

Thanking you all so very much - I shall never forget the kindness and support you have shown me.

With big Poppy hugs to you all


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Grats poppy on your first month :eek:

Doing great girl, Well Done

~Buffy x x


yay Poppy dear, you made it! you're such a winner :) We quit almost the same day, you so inspire me :) Keep up shining bright hun.

Sending you big hugs and wish you have a lovely Sunday.


Thank you so much guys - the support is dearly needed at the moment and I am very grateful.

It is amazing how quitting a stick can totally turn your life around 180 degrees as it has done for me. After just one month, I am a different person than the one who began this journey. It made me wake up from a big sleep and realise that I am allowed to be me and that I am allowed to have a bit of a life - even if it's the tiniest chink. It's one step at a time, one day at a time, but for the first time in many many many years I am totally taking control of my own life and the childrens rather than allowing others to feel they have the right to control and manipulate me.

For the first time in 17 years I can look at the sun for myself and know that the day belongs to me.

Thank you so much - you have been my inspiration and guide.

Big Hugs to you.



well done :)


Thank you Mr Whitey

That means a lot.



Hi poppy

you have come so far great job on your first smoke free month well done girl you should feel so proud Linda xxxx


Thanks ever so Linda I have some great inspiration to look to like your wonderful self. Hope your family are still doing well lovely.

Big Hugs



Hi poppy, just wanted to add my voice to the congrats! You're doing really well but I'm not surprised because you are one strong lady.

Keep it going mate - here's to another


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