No Smoking Day

four weeks today and getting fatter and fatter and fatter!!!

Have just realised that I'm now addicted to marshmallows and red wine..... :eek: Also gained about 4 lbs (mainly Galaxy choc related...)

Four weeks have flown by but have found that since stopping the Champix (about two weeks ago I think..) I've been really short tempered (Alan will confirm!!:mad: ) and am definitely thinking more about smoking but I really didn't get on with the Champix (made me feel so sick):eek: .

Really enjoyed the quizz the other evening (Choco, Buffy!!) - when's the next one?!!!

Hope you are all keeping well you lovely people - thank you for all your support and may your dreams be fag free


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Ann Marie x x x

The temper will cease x x

Big up to you and your caring relatives who support you x x

Rome wasn't built in a day but day by day things grow well x x

We do quiz night every friday night come rain or shine ;)

It was Boudee who started it and it was such a success!!

We have carried on x x


Thank you Buffy and Boudee!!

See you on Friday I hope!!


Anne Marie



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