No Smoking Day



does anyone or has anyone had an issue with sweating more? sounds yuk i know but i gotta ask.

i used to barely sweat and since quitting and especially last couple of days i have been really sweating on the upper half of my body. i do feel quite heated up too but have checked temperature on quite a few occassions and it always reads 36.4 or 36.5 ? :confused:

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OMG - now that you say that - YYYYEEESSS!! I am always soooo hot. I went into a restuarant and was sweating so bad. My friend said you are having hot flashes already, you are only It is terrible. I am 3+ weeks in and it is starting to get better. I think it is because i quit smoking and my body is using everything it has to get the junk outta my system and it is making me sweat.



Thinking back I was the same way it was just like I had a fever. Might be a reaction some of us go through when we quit.


I'm a sweaty betty most of the time, so I wouldn't know the difference :D although I do seem to feel fevered during the night, probably is just the body clearing out toxins, just like it does when we have a cold or the flu.


Oooo Harley i love that expression a sweaty betty - have to remember that one. Do you know I am the oppostie guys cos I have been freezing cold. I have had to wear jumpers, cardis etc. during the day and even wore socks in bed cos i have been shivering constantly. It seems to be beginning to ease a bit now but the first 2 and a half weeks was bad I thought i was going mad cos I was physically shivering all the time. I even sat here in my office with my winter coat on and furry hood up on several nights when i was on here.


Hopes the sweaty bettys go soon guys - cos I know it's uncomfortable. It's good the weather has changed cos at least you haven't got 100 degree temps to contend with as well.

Big hugs Harley babes




glad im not the only one ! although i do seem to have started suffering from it late. im 10 weeks down the line. ive also started to get some discomfort in my mid back (right where my bra strap sits) ohh im sure ill start feeling better soon and get some of the benefits from my quit.


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