No Smoking Day

Oh My God

Hi every1 how are we all 2day, still all smokefree

I cant believe it yesterday i got an e-mail at work asking if i wanted to go on the works christmas meal HUCKING FELL its only just Sept, i mean i dont know what i am doing 2morrow let alone 3months time BA HUMBUG.

thats my little rant over with,well coming up to 10weeksi cant believe it 70 days 1680 hours,100800 minutes, the novelty of being a non smoker has waned a bit,i mean i dont want to smoke ever again but nobody seems that bothered anymore, only my friends onhere Buffy (the Soothe) Boudee the other regulars i chat with, people at work dont ask how i am doing my daughters stopped asking,i feel alone some times,i would look forward to crossing the day off my quit calendar when i get to work in the morning but even thats not as exciting, mind you my quit calendar only goes up to day 70 some i am running out of days to cross off. Probably just having a downer day ignore me.

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I know what you mean about the novelty kind of wearing off after a while. I've quit before for several months and after that time it's easy to forget how much you wanted to stop in the first place. That's how I've always ended up smoking again.

So have a big well done for getting this far and be very proud of yourself. Have you treated yourself with all the money you've saved as that could be something to look forward to.


Big *hugs*

Andy x x x x x

It's no biggy x x they just want numbers say yes and forget about it :D hehehe

Cheer up my dear x x

think of the redhead in admin :eek:


~Buffy x x


HI hbav no ive just spent the money, being a civil servant my money runs out before the month does, so by stopping smoking it means i am not skint half way through the month.


the REDhead in admin have you got her number lol


Ahhh no sorry :o

You'll have to get it from her at the office party :D get her tipsy ;)



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