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Ack Stress

Well it's just gone noon and despite waking up feeling quite happy and healthy.. a few classes in school were all it took to make me feel rather worked up. By my second class I was quitting school and telling my teacher to stuff it (in my head) and on my way back home I couldn't get cigs out of my head. Now I'm home and eating peanuts and I feel better, hope I stop stuffing my face tomorrow :)

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the main thing is that you didn't give in - you should be really proud of yourself. It's so easy to fall into the trap of thinking 'I'm stressed, so I deserve to smoke'. Ignore that little voice telling you it will help ('cos you know it won't) and eventually it will go away.

Good luck.


Hi Harley

Well done for not going to get any smokes - that was really good. The voice in the head thing is there to torment you back - but you are not going to take any notice of it ARE YOU HARLEY!!!!!

I did write a little story over the previous two weeks about smoking and the guys on the forum - it's an adventure story called the Cursed Crunchies. You will find it on general and start at chapter 1 - which goes through to Chapter 7. You may find it helpful and a way to support what you are doing. Cos what you are doing is the best thing you could ever do. The bottom line is you are saving your life and nothing is more important than that.

Each day done is one you'll never have to repeat again which is a very comforting thought.

Make sure you have things to nibble on that you enjoy - if peanuts is your thing you peanut away. i quite like seeds cos they're small and you have to chase them around so I'm using my hands a lot as well!!!!

We have a quiz here on a Friday night from 9pm if you'd like to join us - it's just an excuse for a bottle of wine and a laugh.

Well done and have a great rest of the day!!!

Big Hugs



Harley x x

Stuff yourself silly and enjoy it why you have the excuse!!!

As long as you are not smoking x x

Just a few hard days for a lifetime of better health x x

Good deal huh?

~Buffy x x


Thanks for the support you lot :) Well I didn't smoke and to be honest didn't really entertain any serious thoughts about it. I did have 4 or 5 'freak out and get really peed off' moments, but since I have no cigs or money about my person, my little demon can just go get stuffed :D Oh and my quitnet counter says it's only 2 days and 22 hours, does that mean I still have a nasty day 3 to go? Scary cos I quit on Friday and I've had three full days since then, Sat, Sun and Mon yet it says only two days.. depressing.

It's amazing how nicotine really did control our bodies, it controlled everything. I'll enjoy being in control of my own mood especially. Mmmm stuffing my face with pizza. Just in case anyone's wondering I'm actually British, Scottish to be exact, but I live in Finland so rather than go to some weirdo stop smoking Finnish forum, I go somewhere where people know what I'm talking about ;D


Hey HarleyQuine, what makes you think this is not a weirdo UK forum.. he he:p


Yeah, some of us are very weird, but we will still support and encourage you!

Keep up the good work, you are doing great!

Keep posting,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxx


Weirdo's are the best kind as long as they speak English ;P My boyfriend is quitting also, it's making for some fun arguments around here, we start fighting then realise that it's just cos we want to smoke, then we laugh. I've been going out on my bicycle a lot and it's awesome.. cos I can breath! Well I think I'm off to bed again (without doing homework :/) recovery really takes it out of you doesn't it? Once more I'm knackered. Nice long hot shower, fav pyjamas.. a good movie.. and chocolate. Oh yeah, the comforts in life.


Hey Harley,

congrats on conquering Day 3! My Day 3 was the worst of all so far (lil more than 2 weeks), but things really do drastically improve each and every day and very quickly too :) The occasional craving can be bad at the beginning but how good is that increasing feeling of awesomeness and happiness and general comfort and calmness you feel pervaded with day after day? :) ;)

Day 4 is close and you're doing amazing!


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