No Smoking Day
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Issues on Day 1

Hi everyone. This is maybe my third serious serious quit attempt and hopefully my last too. I've smoked since the age of 12, I'm 22 now and the effects of my smoking are all too apparent. I haven't had a cigarette in 25 hours and so far I'm feeling stronger. I've had this flu for two weeks, terrible cough and sore throat, it was the cough and the fact that it was 100 times worse because of the fags, that has motivated me to really quit. I have two phrases that I keep in mind.. 'it's now or never' either I stop now, or I'll always be a smoker, because it's getting more difficult to stop as time goes on and also 'all or nothing' because there's no such thing as 'just one fag' if I smoke that one fag, the entire addiction comes back.

Today I've lazed around watching tv shows, eating chocolate and drinking lots of juice. I hope that tomorrow may be a bit more productive but it's difficult with my concentration going in and out (even though my sugar levels should be ok) and I'm also tired. I'm glad I decided to stop on a weekend, at least now I get a few days without any stress. I think I'm enjoying this typing too much ;) will end up writing a novel. Anyhoo am determined to still be here for day 2, 3, 4, 5... 1000. I know that when I get to around 3 weeks there will be no going back.. just gotta hang in there.

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hang in there

Know what your going though' its hard at first. but your in the right place they're a great crowd in here, so hang in there.

Recognise negative self-talk, respect yourself enough to believe you can achieve, understand that there will come a day when you won't even have to think about quitting, let alone smoking

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Welcome Harley x x x x

You have an abundance of support here x x x x

You have gotten through making the decision to quit and taking action!!

Well Done x x

Keep busy and stay strong x x

~Buffy x x



We are always here for you. Good days, bad days and inbetween days. Keep posting :D


Well done harley, you are over the big hurdle, by actually biting the bullet and quitting, you star!

This forum is good network of support to have and you can vent on it 24/7 should you feel the need, so stay strong and keep posting, you can do it!

ur doing fab!

Charlene :D


Well done Harley and Welcome!!

You've done so well already so just keep your eyes focused on your goal and take each day, one at a time.

You will find masses of support here from tips and advice about your quit to just about anything and everything.

Believe me typing has got me through. And if you fancy writing a story you do one - i did. If you look on general you will see various chapers 1 - 7 of the Cursed Crunchies. So why not have a go???

Remember we're here if you want a chat.



Thanks everyone :) Technically it's day 3 here! My chest is feeling better but now all the crap I put in there while I was smoking is coming up. Not a nice taste at all. I have school in three quarters of an hour, so that'll be a challenge, think I'll take a book with me to read during the breaks. I'm liking that I get 15 minutes more in the morning to get ready since I'm not out on my balcony freezing and puffing away (I live in Finland, winter's pretty damn cold and I was still out there at -30 smoking). Well suppose I should go get ready and get to school, talk to you all later :)


Well done Harley


Enjoy the fact that you are a non smoker and don't have to freeze your bits off just to have a ciggie!!

I'm sure you smell great too now!




Can you believe that they still make us leave the house at those temperatures? It's just not human. lmao now I feel like going into a rant about all those gits that make me leave home when it's bloody freezing, day three.. rant day.. my demon is raging. Die little booga, dieeeeee.


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