tender swollen neck glands

:( hi all

i made it through my booze up last weekend, not a single puff!!!

im feeling really down at the moment, since last saturday i have had swollen tender and sore neck glands. i see my gp and she said to leave it for 10 more days and if there still swollen she will test for glandular fever :eek:

there not hurting as much now but theres still a dull ache there especially when i stretch my neck to one side.

im now off of the patches, i have got some nicorette gum for emergency use but im on my second day now and have not had to use none yet.

hope everyone is doing well!

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  • Awww Destiny :(

    That's no fun x x x

    I hope that they go down and that is just a viral thing they are fighting x x

    Well done for getting off the patches :) another major mark in your quit!!

    Your just belting past every hurdle !!

    Stay strong x x ~Buffy x x

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