Day 6

Evenin' all. Apologies for dropping out but Mrs Steve was doing her cbt and I wanted to go along to offer some moral support, should've been one day but went in to this morning too.

Interesting.. she's going round and round on a motorbike and I'm sitting with the 'chaps' at least one of whom is rolling or lighting or puffing at any given time. I'm stuffing my mouth with raisins and nuts, roast beef sandwiches.. anything really! Anyway, long and short of it is that I'm still here and moving ahead, feeling positive though moments of doubt of course. I was such a committed smoker for all those years, I do find it amazing that I have got this far - my daughter agrees.

Sorry I missed the quiz! Probably just as well.. couldn't answer any of them anyway:mad:

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  • Hooray - glad you're ok Steveh we was worried about you!

    Well done for Day 6 and resisting all the temptations. I was useless in the Quiz but we had the best laugh so I'm sure you wouldn't be as bad as me - so next time you'll have to join in.

    Take Care and have a great evening


  • Been following your posts PF, I'm speechless with respect and awe .. makes me feel that my puny attempts to quit aren't even worth relating. And through it all, there's a smile in your writing.:)

    Hi Boudee.. you doing ok? Thanks for your support as ever!;) What exactly is that guy eating... maybe it's best not to know. :(

  • Hi Steve

    Glad to know you are OK. I did my CBT many moons ago. so what kind of bike is Mrs Steve planning to get. Do you ride yourself? if so what bike you got? keep up the good work, day 6 is bloody good:)

  • Hi TFM, I have a Beamer, K1100 LTSE, and Mrs S is looking around now for something of the 125 variety until she does the 2 day conversion. You still ride?

    You're right about day 6, first morning I have had my copious quantities of coffee sitting in the garden and NOT actually thought about a sm**e.

    Notice you're in Bucks. Wonder how close we are...:)

  • Great to see you Steve x x glad all is well x x

    ~Buffy xx

  • Ooooooooooo Boudeeeeeeeee :D ooh you gone again :( hehehehehehe

  • Yay heeya :D oh nope gone again :o

  • woooo hoooo caught yer at last :D

  • I have time to myself :rolleyes: and I don't know what to do with it :o I am bored!! :p lol

  • Oh dear :(

    Poor boys x x x x sounds like my old manor :o

  • Heheheheh rofl

    Numpties :p lol

    I am glad to be somewhere were i enjoy coming home to and enjoy going to the shops!! :eek:

    Makes the world of difference x x

  • Ah hun it's awful living in a bad place, i am council tenant, i fought hard for over a year, TV, Papers and loads of letters to MP's!!!! (i was in a 2 bed too so overcrowded) I only have a 3 bed now but it's worth it's weight in gold!! for being happy and having happier kids :D

    Would you consider a move?

  • Yeah i empathise x x i am considering suburbia so we can get a house n garden but i figure don't fix what ain't broke!!

    I had nothing to lose before :rolleyes: Keep your eye on those exchanges though ;) you never know what may come up :D!!

  • Not 1 of my 'Real' friends still live here, they all moved out! scary but they all wouldn't change it for the world!! I reckon if something comes up you'll know! and that will be that, you'll go!!

    Just keep your eyes peeled and follow your heart always x x

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhh just had me dinner

    yum yum

    yeah you are right you have to follow your heart :D

    ooh yes food :p i should get up and cook soon lol feels funny only having 1 wee one home :D routines gone on holiday too hehehehehe

  • Dear Boudee

    Just a quick idea. Has your son got a formal diagnosis for his difficulties - ie has a consultant/psychologist formally said he has this?

    If he has - do you get Disibility Living Allowance?

    Are you hooked up with social services?

    I tell you why I'm asking this because under the government provision for disabled children and persons you can apply for a grant to alter your home to meet the needs of your disabled child/person. This does not have to be for just wheelchair uses. I have a occupational therapist coming to see me next week - I have waited 8 months for her to come because I want the rubbish conservertory that was here when we arrived pulled down and a huge build put along the back. We live in an ex local authority and the people before us did loads of bum jobs with the building work - ie outhouses integrated in to the main house. And what we have is not proper space etc. Matthew is in desperate need of a sensory room where he can chill out as his rages and violence can be so severe - (he recenlty split my top lip wide apart and I needed 4 stitches but am scarred now for life.) We also do not have any proper dining room which we are entitled to. The government I understand will pay £25,000 to alter your home to help with your children. Think about it Boudee - there may be things that could be put in place to help you.

    I can give you loads of advise on grants etc. there are lots of different ones for holidays etc. I must admit I haven't applied for one before becuase I haven't had the time etc. I really just want to try and get this government one now.

    Let me know.


  • I might stick a rocket to me arse and set light to it and emigrate to the moon

    I expect governing bodies there will be far more useful than here :D can I join you ;) hehehe

  • i'll let the kids grab a hold 1st ;) should put me a safe distance behind :D

  • Dear Boudee

    Does that mean Autism has been ruled out? The fact you have DLA is enough to trigger various different supports/financial and otherwise into play. To be honest I get three hours of support a week for 2 disabled children which is rubbish and as I am in major fights with the LEA at the Highcourt in London at the moment I'm not fighting that one just now. But you can contact the Disabled Childrens Team at social services and by law all carers should have a carers assessment to see what your needs are. Mine has never been done and can't be bothered with it - but I think you may find that helpful for finding out about what other support is available. - even for helping you get out of the area you're in as you are a special needs family. Thinking about the effect of where you live etc. upon your son if it makes things harder for him to cope than that is good grounds to get you moved asap. Try and get some support for this from GP's etc. The more evidence you can get the quicker the system will have to do something and help you. Do you get carers allowance? You are entitled to this as long as you don't earn over £80 a week.

    Remember Boudee carers save the government approx 57 billion pounds a year because we look after our loved ones 24 hours a day 365 days a year. There is a way out for you - promise. If I can help/direct you to anywhere or anyone let me know.


  • Oh Boudee I agree. If I had all day and explained what they'd done to my kids. Jessi tried to kill herself last year as she couldn't cope in the school she was in. She was only 7 at the time. It was her third mainstream and all three failed as they could not care or provide for her properly. When she tried the suicide I pulled her out immediately. I had been up and down and up and down to school all the time. The most support Jessi was offered was 2 hours a week - for a little girl who could not read or write at all, has autism and pda and a medical difficulty. It's taken me 15 months of court battles and so much money in debt to get Jessi to the special school she should be in. It's all so wrong. And at the end of the day there are so few bods in the system that you find who really care about your child and when you do you have to hold onto them with both hands - like our GP, Psychologist, Ed Psych the rest can go and ***********off. As for Matthew's case it roles on and on and what they've done to my son - what the school he was in did to him - it's beyond human comprehension.

    You're a wonderful mother Boudee as your actions are totally motivated by love and there is nothing greater than a mother's love. I would still try and find out a bit though just to try and ease things for you a little. There are some brilliant voluntary independent agencies who can come and see you at home to help you through all the propaganda of paperwork and let you know the best way forward. I have a wonderful advocate from a voluntary agency who looks just like Steveh (without his rainbow) and he comes to every one of my meetings as an independent witness so the stystem people can't start.

    Always here Boudee, xx Big hugs xxx