No Smoking Day

great pics everyone

will post mine on soon, my files are way too big to upload at the moment.

sorry not been on since monday, been so so so busy lol! had a good week in all. had few pains in back shoulder blades yesterday, been alright today. my migraine headaches are worse since quitting smoking though, although they do respond better to pain relief! odd isnt it.

i am due to be having a drink tomorrow night to celebrate a mates birthday. :eek: not sure im gonna drink yet, may stick to orange juice just to be on the safe side! i wont be the only one quitting smoking there as a friend of mine is 5 weeks into patches also so hopefully we will help each other! hope everyone is ok, and ill report back after the weekend x

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have a great time x x x x

You can stick with our party for tonight :D no fear of temptation here x x

Glad to see your still with us x x ~Buffy x x


You'll be fine, is it your first time you've been out since your quit? are you using anything? patches, champix, gum?



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