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Hello everyone!



I have not been on in a while so I figured I would say hello. I have been smoke free for 7 months or more, getting better every day. I can even be around smokers and not even have a craving. To everyone working on quiting or just quiting, you will find cravings being replaced with disgust.

I gets better!!!!!!!!!

Still smoke free!!!!!!!!


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ooooh that inks betterer :eek:

Look at you grinster!! x x x x x

Thank you for dropping by x x x it is so inspiring to see long term quitters come back to let everyone know how it is at the other end!!!

Glad to hear your doing so well x x

Well done x x ~Buffy x x

Hi grinfire,

Well done for 7 months you are a star!:D

Hope I will be here in 7 months time, keep it up and thanks for letting us know that some do succeed!

Hopefully we all will.

Befly xx :)

Hi Gunfire

Sooooooooooooo great to hear from you your doing fab well done mate Love LIndaxxxxxx

hi again

That is grinfire, and thanks

there is a time when the craving vanishes completly for weeks at a time!!!

So hang in there everyone.:D

Hi Grinfire,

So wonderful to hear you are still smoke free and continue to give us some feedback and keep us encouraged. Stay in touch

keep up the no smoking


7 months, close to 8500 cigs I would have smoked and saved about 2000 dollars (us). The thing that keeps me going is the cilia, the tiny hairs in our lungs. I know if I have even one drag it will burn those hairs and blacken my lungs. I simply have kept that in mind and I take a deep breath and remind myself that I wouldn't feel as good if I was smoking still. The other thing is that after 3 weeks you are going to make it if you remind your self not even one puff. Also don't confuse regular stress and anger with a craving. With time the newbies should start to know what I mean. I have been to a friends house a few times over the last 2 months. He and his wife are heavy smokers, He tries to cut back and puts a fan in the window but wow. After leaving his house I stink, my head hurts and i feel like I have been kicked in the chest for three days. I would recomend anyone trying to quite to avoid smokey places. In the past I could have sat in a smokey room and thought nothing of it. Amazing how a nonsmoker sees things.


Heya Grinster x x x

I'll be 6 months on monday :D

Look how far we have come!!! :o

I can smell smoke on items, I can tell a smoker straight away now!!

Still can't really believe I ever smelt like that though!

~Buffy x x


Just read through this thread and I think it's so good. Maybe you won't be back to see this Grinfire (love the name) but thanks for sparing the time to write this. After all, there's nothing in it for you now, you've made it, you're there, so you popped back just to offer support to others.



I think everyone should come back and cheer on the others!!


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