No Smoking Day
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I've Done It!!!!!

Dear Fabulous Friends

I have just smoked my last ciggie - all gone now. Did I enjoy it? No - I'm smelly now so just had to spray myself with Charley Red and suck on a large mint imperial to take the taste away. It will be so nice not to feel I have to do that all the while now - and clean my teeth constantly.

Well I'm busy today which is good. The one bit of support I get with the children (a lovely lady that is like a Mum to me and a Granny to the children) is arriving shortly and we're off out to the woods. And later I'm taking the children for their riding for the disabled (horse riding) which is always fun - especially in the rain!!!! And later it's party time with you guys!!

Can I ask something? I have been coughing through the night recently - like a dry tickly chokey cough - it wakes me up. I thought (or tried to pretend to myself) maybe it was hayfever. But I think it may be a smokers cough - is that what it is like? I don't cough during the day - just when I am in bed.

I hope my signature comes up - I felt so excited to be able to write it - as I couldn't before.

So over the next few days and weeks I will come and speak to you if that is ok when I need a smokey joe - as that will keep me going. To be able to share the experience with others who totally understand makes the difference. My hub, who has never smoked, doesn't really understand as he thinks smoking's yuckky which of course it is. And as I've tried to quit 3 times over the last 7 years (2 for 6 week periods) he wonders if this is just another well meant attempt - but is not going to happen. I think he worries I may lose my sanity if I don't have a cig to keep all our family's wheels motoring along. But it is not the cig that keeps us going - it is me (and I find that hard to say as I don't think a lot of myself).

So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL - this is day one of a new life. I can't wait to get to Centre Parcs and not have to worry about finding a bolt hole and can just be me.

Poppyfairyxxxx (with determination, and a twinkle)

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Welcome to day 1 :D

Glad you are feeling positive and excited!!

What with the Woods, Riding and our party!!

You should be kept truely distracted :D

Don't forget to have a good ol' rant here if need be ;)

~Buffy x x


Dear Buffy

Thanks so much for the support. To be honest it is Saturday and Sunday I am dreading as my hub works very long hours on these days (as he is a Head Chef at a stately home so loads of weddings) - and I can't do a lot but stay in with the kids. My little boy has been assessed as needing 2 to 1 support and my little girl 1 to 1 support so there is only me for three people. But I shally play with them as ever and inbetween the madness I shall tap away to you guys as it is you which is making the difference.



As a 3 in 1 kinda girl I reckon you can get through it relatively easy ;)

And with us around you get to do the 'me time' thing without giving in :D

Stay strong ~Buffy x x


Hi Poppy

So very happy to have you onboard congrats on your day one. Enjoy your time out and first day of freedom from nasty nic. Linda xx


Hi poppy and congratulations on your quit,

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy today!

Sometimes asthma can be like a nightime cough, I used to get hayfever really bad as a child and mine turned into asthma as I got older. If it is the start of mild asthma it is another good reason to quit. Mine has improved loads since I quit.

Good luck and stay strong, catch you later at the party tonight!

befly x x:D :D


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