No Smoking Day

Seven weeks 2day

Hi every1

i hope every1 is happy and smokefree.

Saw my doctor yesterday to get 3rd months supply of champix, i was saying to her regards bloating/wind and she got the old doctors medicine bible out and under champix it does mention bloating so i can blame the champix.

i went to the gym 2day did a session ofweights and i saw the evil machine in the corner that strikes fear into all of us it was the SCALES so i went for it, iwas scared to look at the readings but when i eventually looked i was pleasantly surprised i am the same weight i was 3 weeks ago and that after a week off and no gym YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee i am so pleased i havent put any more weight on.

Been feeling really good havent had a bad day for quite a while now, i have a nagging in the back of my mind that i must be due a badun but after 48 days i am determined not to be tempted by as much as a drag of a ciggy as i have done so well to get this far and i dont want to ruin it. i dont have any urge or craving to smoke and i dont even think about smoking at all

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Well done shell that is great news, keep it up, next time you post you will (hopefully) be able to say that you have lost weight. Great going, stay strong.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxxx


Well done Andy!!

And i apllaude your 'Scales' bravery :D glad it wasn't at all bad in the end!!

And now you know there will be and end to the bloat :D hehehehe

Grats Again x x x keep it up ~Buffy x x x



(so i have brought myself some laxatives because I have convinced myself that a big poo later I will be slim again)

PLEEAAssseeee! to much information, ive just eaten my lunch and trying to keep it down.

Thanks every1 for your support couldnt have done it without you all, especially Buffy,

Buffy are u as fit as the picture you posted or is that a body double your using lol


ROFL! Nah I posted a real one now :p hehehe

it's amazing what those bods at the studios can do to you!!


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