Smoking is becoming a distant memory now, today marks seven years quit and I've not single puff in that time.

None of the old triggers make me think of smoking, its simply something that used to be part of my life but isn't anymore. It gets said by almost everyone but, if I can quit, so can you. I was once a serial quitter in a constant cycle of quit and fail, quit and fail. Sometimes I would even reward myself for not smoking by smoking, it wasn't until I recognised that I had to stop seeing poisoning myself as a pleasure that it all fell into place.

My mantra was Health, Wealth and Control, that was what I wanted to recover by quitting; it was a positive objective and that mindset worked for me. The chemical addiction isn't as strong as the mental one and soon the task at hand was to learn to live life without a fag in hand. All those situations where it had become a conditioned response to light up, whether I had an actual need to feed my nicotine addiction or not, had to be experienced without my old crutch, but eventually through practice I became used to not smoking.

So keep on keeping on and you'll become the non smoker we all want to be, someone who not only doesn't smoke but someone who doesn't want to smoke and for whom smoking doesn't really come into your day to day thoughts!

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  • Seven years. Wow - so inspirational.

    Its great to hear that there is long term light at the end of the tunnel. When was the last time you had a craving that you can remember?

  • A craving? Can't remember how long ago that would have been, however you still get the odd nostalgic feeling in the years after quitting, a memory, a reminder that you would have reached the smokes when doing "that". However it's nothing more significant than remembering anything from your past, and as time goes on they basically disappear too.

  • thankyou ...i so need to hear that...fantastic life change..:)

  • Good going Nic.Keep it up like I know you will.

  • Just popped by to wish you a very happy 7th anniversay and a collective well done from all of 'the exiles' too many to mention X

  • Thanks you, and them ;)

  • Great to hear Nicfirth,7 plus years and counting, really appreciate you coming back here to post of your continued success. I wonder how long this site has been around and who longets quit goes to from when this site was started, could be you Nic.

  • Well I followed an already well trodden path when I quit and was inspired by many who came here before me.

  • Congrats Nic 7 years and counting WOW! Good to see you celebrating milestones, I seem to have stopped for some reason but maybe this year a post may be in order?

    Anyway nice work.

  • Just popped in to say congrats, Nic. Nice one!

  • A milestone is still a milestone. I often wonder when the day will come that I don't pop back in to say well done to the old-timers. Clearly it hasn't come yet...

    Well done old timer.

    Did I mention my new bike's got electric shifting? Cessation sure has its financial perks - even now!

  • When I saw the title I did wonder briefly if there was the possibility of Gwyneth Paltrow's head in a box making an appearance.

  • Ha ha! Rewarding yourself for not smoking by smoking made me laugh. What madness smoking is!!

    Well done Nic :)

  • Still hanging around then Nic?

    Another week and I also celebrate seven years smoke free. Totally smoke free. I echo what you've said about the cravings being history a very long time ago.

    Good work, my friend.

  • Nic well done. Sorry I missed but I just dont check into this here forum too much now. IT all seems oddly in my past. I almost have "fond" memories of stopping and that first year.. more so than memories of the smoking.

    Anyways well done - I look forward to joining that 7 years room in 4 years. ;-)


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