No Smoking Day

Day 2 really does suck!

Day 1 seemed 'easyish' but Day 2 is Hell (for me :( ). I keep thinking how easy it would be just to pop out and sit up the road in the outside cafe and ... well you know the rest. I am not going to; this time, I'm determined but it's tough isn't it..

One thing I have realised (probably not the first and certainly not the last to think this but the idea is helping me) is that giving up is passive,:cool: I mean you have to NOT do something rather than go to the trouble of actually DOING something! Does that make sense?:confused:

Roll on Day 3...

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Thats not optimistic its the truth and that thought is what gets us all through this, stay strong you CAN do this!

In a few weeks the worst will be over so stick it out its worth it!

Believe me if I can manage it you can.

Keep posting when the cravings attack that really helps, and ice lollies, lots and lots of ice lollies! aaa hahaha. ahem, sorry, I just like ice lollies..... :p


Charlene, your ice lollies made me laugh which must be the best therapy!

Boudee, you're an inspiration.

Muxlo - we can do it. I went to the cafe, yes I did but I sat inside for the very first time and looked out at these youngsters with funny white things between their fingers.. weird. I had an espresso, possibly the first of my life which wasn't accompanied by a s***e, enjoyed it and came back to the office.

Oh yes, it can be done and we're doing it.:D :D :D


thats the spirit! and soon smoking will be nothing but a distant long ago memory for all of us.

Stars. the lot of you. :D



lice lollies???????? dont wanna know what kind of lollies you been chompin.

lmao :p


'lowering the tone of one's mind' must be another distraction therapy! Must mention that to Mrs Steveh ;)

She gave up 3 yrs ago with absolutely no problem, no withdrawal symptoms - just stopped. Guess we're all different.


Welcome on board Steve and Mux. Just remember that it's just gonna get harder and harder to smoke anywhere now and when you're still addicted being denied the possibility to smoke is a horrible feeling. Coming back from Switzerland a couple of weeks ago in the airport, I was chuffed that I didn't have that sort of panicky feeling when you realise that you have loads of fags in your pocket, but can't smoke anywhere in the building.

Take my hat off to you Steve being able to down an Espresso on day two of your quit. I love coffee but had to stay well clear for the first couple of weeks cos I already felt light headed and coffee would really send my head into a spin. Even now after 8 weeks I'm having only two cups a day compared to about 6 to 8 a day as a smoker.

Keep up the good spirits and determination and you'll quickly realise that your body can function perfectly well without the aid of nicotine.



Hi Dickyboy, know exactly what you mean about panicking in airports.. can you / can't you / after that there's the hotel.. do they have sm****g rooms.. panic..

Funny thing though, you've just reminded me; I do maybe 3 longhaul flights a year and never miss sm****g while I'm in the air. On landing I knew I didn't need a fag but always lit (past tense) up anyway. Curious.

Coming off coffee as well would just be too much for me! Got to agree with Boudee that maintaining my habits is a positive thing; this old geezer can't take too much change all at one time!:eek:

Hey, well done Dickyboy, 8 weeks seems like a very long time indeed from here! Power to ya.


Welcome Steve and Mux x x x x x

We are all different x x x

If you see how many members go through such different experiences albeit the same methods it is quite amazing!!

I think that what makes the world go round though :D

Also I think you will find, that as you stop smoking, you will change other things too.

I don't know if it's extra time on your hands or

feeling good within yourself or

replacement therapy!!

maybe a little of all the above :D

That you start to change other lifestyle things, picking up knew hobbies, going to the gym and, even, I have noticed many less smokers around these parts now days very few indeed! yet, every other person!! (including myself if i am out on my own) Has headphones! playing their fave tunes through there personal music players!!! :eek:

Stay strong and keep looking at the world with your head high

~Buffy x x


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