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5 months


5 whole months for me today 14/3 to 14/8 Dont know how I am still here it do get easyer and 75% is down to not wanting to go back to day one and missing you lot. Still need to come on here every day. With all the stress in my family that has gone on and is still happening big time just hope I will keep strong been in tears fighting it more than a few times this last weekend included. But I am here to fight again. BUt Me Linda spicer fag ash lil has not smoked for 5 Whole months it cant be bad onwards and upwards Linda xxxxx

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Well done Linda x x x x

I was just saying on the other post, I can't fall back to smoking 'cos then i would have no place here anymore, i would lose you all :eek:

You have dragged yourself through so much in these last 5 months let alone the years while you were smoking!! :rolleyes:

You have proved to yourself how strong you are, you are an inspiration to many others reading through here and to your loved ones.

~Buffy x x

well done to you linda spicer 5 months that is great, big pat on the back.

stay strong

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