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No Smoking Day
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Month 5

MONTH 5 YIPPY!!!!!!!!!

No NRT!! I Have almost forgot about smoking! There is a craving once in a while but getting better all the time. To everyone below me, keep going it gets better!


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Ah thanks for the support Grinfire...it's good to hear how much easier it gets.

So very, very well done I think you are a star!!:)

It's getting easier for me already (six weeks) and it's good to know that by five months you're still good..and it does pass - I mean we know it does cos we all know people who have stopped successfully but you sometimes think that you will never forget and feel the way they do...but you do it just takes time.

Thanks for the post

Loopy XX


Grinfire its lovely to know that things get better in the end. I am on week ten now and it is getting much better but sometimes I still feel that I will never make it so its lovely when you come and let us know how your doing. Good luck to you mate and give your self a big pat on the back you are a Star Love Linda


Ah grinster x x

5 months how amazing! you are an inspiration x well done x

To everyone below me

I havn't been quit as long but don't know that i am 'Below you!' :p


Please drop in from time to time and post x x it's such a great thing for others on their road to non smokingdom x x

~ Buffy ~


Congratulations grinfire - you renewed fresh hope that there IS light at the end ofth tunnel if I just keep walking. THANKYOU



Doing great!


You all are doing a great job!! It seems so sureal somtimes when I notice how far I have made it. I remeber being at day2, week 3 month 2-3 etc etc. and It does get better. Before you guys and gals know it you will be at 5-6 months or maybe evern years before you know it. I truly belive this site carried me thru the worst. I hope everyone is now getting the benifits from not smoking even if you are one day one. Also wish everyone the best of luck.

Ps feel free to message me if anyone has any questions or needs any help.

Grinfire ~ The NONsmoker:D


wish i cud be nrt free!! you done brill

I am into 4months too just realised wuz posting in 3months!!!

I cant say I am off the nicorette gum i have dropped strength - How well you done grinfire did you find it difficult to stop the NRT? Any tips???



It was just the same as stepping down on the other steps. The best tip I can give you is don't let it mess with your mind. Remeber you are in control and you have gone this far. You have had the same will power on the other drops. You will be fine. Good Job!



not had the guts yet to drop the gum just incase i drop into the local shop for 10 shhh(swear wear) i am so weak!!!


Hi Kitkat

Today is the last day of my patches so I know what you mean hope it dont make me cave in. I was thinking way dont you try narmal gum in between see if that helps you reduse you are doing so well and remember

its you doing in not the nrt that only helps we do the hard part. month 4 thats down to YOU and only YOU your a star Love Linda xxx




The last step wasn't to bad at all. It was the same as when i was stepping down on the other steps. Just be prepared for it!!!! Worse case buy some nicorete or keep a patch around. Remeber 3days and then the nicotine is out of your system. you guys can do it!!!!

Good luck and good job!!!!!



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