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Thank you Champix

Hi all. Started Champix 28th July and by day 3 on just 1 x half mg per day I was already going off the weeds. Set my date for last puff as last Sunday night. Had a couple of puffs sunday morning then chucked the fag away. Yuk! I dont want that I said and had no more that day. Have had the feeling of being deprived of something and that has made me have the odd single puff over the last couple of days but as soon as I have that one puff I remember how horrible it tatses. I too have realised that I MUST take the pill WITH food or I will feel sick. Only had one strange dream in the first couple of days. Feeling a little lazy and lethargic when I sit down but once I get going no probs. Minor mood swings but generally a much calmer happier person. One other side effect I have had to see my Pharmacist about though is that from being regular as clockwork I have got bunged up since taking CHampix (if you know what I mean). Just wanna get MOVING again!!!. Still gonna stick with it as its amazing how quickly it put me off smoking and as with one oy the other members if I do think about cigs at all the thought very soon passes and does not get the chance to become a craving as it dissappears before that.:D

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Ah susie,

This is the thread we missed last night because of the quiz :D hehehe was fun wasn't it?

Glad the champix is doing as it should for you x x

Maybe some dried apricots will help with both breaking the habbit and getting things *moving* :D (mathematitions work it out with a pencil!)

I have that trouble quite often but i refuse to take any meds they prescribe me!! I tried prune juice once and it was just once 'cos it is vile!!! Grape juice is nice and helps too.

Anyway i am rambling again!!

Keep up the good work and keep posting

~Buffy x x


a pencil???

wouldn't a suppository be a lot more effective?????? well and only need a couple


hi ya susie,

I am on champix and i was a bit bunged up as you put it at first, I have been drinking alot of water which for some reason i am quite enjoying and eating lots of plums which seem to be working well for me!

Good luck with it anyway,

Befly x x

p.s. I wouldn't go down the mathmatition route, it sounds a bit painful! lol :D


Too late boudee, wish you had told me that earlier, they don't half make a mess as well! lol

Befly x x :D :D :D


Boudee sees in minds eyes Beflys bathroom

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

HELP! Any ideas how to get prune juice out of bathroom carpets? Lol :D :D


Man oh man!!

I leave a thread for 10 minutes and you lot demoralise it to death!!

You's should be ashemed! :mad:


~Buffy x x


:p my spell check is on strike :mad: and i been to the pub :p hahaha

whos laughing now? :p


:p hehehe

I am having many many troubles on laptop again!! am on other forum, but they are slow to help and i have already got a bad point on me name for replying in someone elses post :eek:

So i don't have mozzilla or spell check at mo, i do google my speelings, when i can be bothered :p

Be prepared for the death of buffys lappy again soon! as currentley my anti v wont even auto protect :mad:


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