No Smoking Day

days 32 33 and 34

hi all

sorry not been posting, been so busy over the last few days.

day 32 - i went to the farm today with my hubbie and two children, lost my patch :eek: but was fine so didnt bother replacing it when i got back home. see gp she advised me to go on the 5mg patches (quite pleased, there much smaller). she reckons ive cracked it --- im keeping my guard up on that one, i know i aint in the clear just yet!

day 33 - went to a friends house (house full of smokers) pleased to say although i stunk of smoke when i came out, only there smoke went down my lungs. in the evening me and hubbie went for a meal with a couple of friends (one whose been on patches for couple of weeks and the other who claims to not be addicted to ciggs because only smokes occassionaly although went outside alone to have a cig ) doing ok on my 5mg patches.

day 34 - today! had a relaxing day at home today. watched a movie with the kids. felt fine although do have a sore throat at the moment, and my left nostril seems to keep bleeding slightly on and off! my husband is waiting on a ct scan of his sinus area , as has a mass (inflamation) in that area and has been suffering with sinus problems for many months now, had to see dr today for throat infection that dr says is coming from sinus area again. SAYS ITS HIGHLY LIKELY TO STEM FROM HIS GIVING UP SMOKING :eek: apparently it is not uncommon for certain things to start playing up especially in the nasal department as its more succeptable to things once its clear and working properly. i guess theres only one thing far better then being an ex smoker and thats to have never been a smoker at all, but unfortunatly we dont have the oppurtunaty to be one of those. at least were gonna be as close to it as we possibly can be! as my hubbie said giving up may have lead to sinus problems but continuing would of inevitably lead to far greater problems!

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That last comment is so true, as no matter what minor problems we all suffer during the quitting process, it is ultimately nothing compared to what could happen to us had we continued to smoke, so it is worth suffering through it.

Glad you are doing really well not smoking, I still find it really hard around smokers as the smell makes me crave big time, so well done you! :D

Really pleased for you that you will be going down to a smaller patch, and that your gp thinks you are doing well, you must of felt so proud. :cool:

Stay strong, and well done, charlene. :)


Oh destiny!!

Well done on you!!!!

You are a star x x

I hope katies read your post did you see her comment about dad in hospital with nose bleeds? she would be releaved to hear this information you have on the nasal thang!

it makes sense i guess.

Anyway you must be well pleased xx x and it is this hectic time the natives doth call summer hols :D hehehe

I am either in a heap in the corner or overly exstactic with it! rofl

~Buffy x x


hiya buffy

what section is katie under? i cant find the post you mentioned. is katie the name it is under?



I don't know she posted last night let me do a search one tick x x


Got it here

Cheers x x


thanks buffy

i have left a post for her.


:) Seen x x


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