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home and missed you all

Hi all

Really missed you all. Had a really fab time but so glad to be home I get home sick really fast hehe. Also partner never stopped telling me he was gasping from the first day and by the friday morning was back on the rollys everyone smoked everywhere (no Ban) and by the friday afternoon I done a realllllllly Stupid thing and had a rolly sooooooo mad with myself after feel I have really messed up start of week 21 today and i have let myself down but not going back to them. After that he never stopped looking everywhere for the cheepest baccy was driving me up the wall hehe. Never mind home now back to my non smoking gang Love and missed you all Linda xxx

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Welcome home x x x x x x x x

So glad you enjoyed it x x It is always nice to get home after a holiday thats normal, I feel the same :D Shame hubby slipped up :p your doesn't count so forget it :D

Was the weather good? what did you like about the holiday? going to do it again?

*Hugs* ~Buffy x x



We missed you too!! Buffy is right...your's don't count so don't beat yourself up. Just keep going!





Thank you all its mad so many new people still trying to catch up with out my family going mad about my on here all day. It feels great to be home but so glad I went in the end sons ok still drinking but thats nothing new hehe. Well off to work now speak later Love Linda xxxxxxxxxxx


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