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Day 11 with a tricky one tonight

The last Friday of the month is Texas holdem poker at my local. You can only lose a tenner max but you can win £125 or more. Now, poker and beer and a bit of pressure is the menu for tonight.

Lets see what old Nick O teen can do. Hope he don't mind losing!

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Go and show you can win at poker without the fags - cool poker face - nerves of steel...:p

You're only a day behind me on the quit so I'm willing you on that little bit more!!


Almost like a fairytale, I won the poker, only £60 because it wasn't a huge turnout. Nick O Teen lost his fight and I am now £90 better off. ( 11 x £10 for fags = £110. £60 poker but minus £80 for the bike I haven't ridden yet.Also,here comes weekend number 2. Brighton & Hove Albion have got the ok for their new stadium and right now, life is grand.


Well done is grand. Nearly football season too;)


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