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Giving up tomorrow ???


I started smoking when I was 19. About 8 years ago I gave up from 60 a day (didn't work at a time and had lots of time on my hand). I gave up cold turkey. I then started about 2 years ago again and was on 20 a day. I gave up smoking last October. Unfortunately, I couldn't help myself and started smoking again back in April (lots of stress).

I do find it extremely hard to think of myself of never smoking again. I really love it. I have this type of personality that if I do something I'll do it proper and that includes smoking. The problem for me is that evertime I give up it get's harder and harder.

When you suffer from withdrawel symptoms you forget all the good reasons why you want to give up (Husband and I are thinking of starting a family later on in the year). I get very short with people when I want a fag and it doesn't help at work.

So, I want to give up tomorrow. I don't know if this is too short a notice to prepare myself mentally for it. Wouldn't mind another week of smoking but then I want to get the first 3 days out of the way. They are the worst for me and I tend to sleep a lot during this time.

Don't really have any questions but just needed to write things down. So if anyone is out there and wants to say hello....

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You've been quite successful in the past so you know it can be done but you also know it's going to hurt :(

Good luck with your quit, write down all the reasons you want to stop and keep it with you, it'll help.



Any time is the PERFECT time! Since you have done this before and know what to expect sounds like you are prepared. Once piece of advice...come here as often as you can. The people here are wonderful and so supportive and recognize the accomplishment we make no matter how small. It really is a FAMILY here.

Good Luck




u sound like your ready so id say go for it.

good luck!!!


Good luck from me too, you can do it, be a lovely smelling mum

xxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


Go Pip, Go Pip, Go Go Go


I have booked an appointment tomorrow with my GP so that I can get Champix. I have smoked 1 cigarette since Saturday. From what I understand how Champix is being used would I have to start smoking again?

This time around I find it extremely hard going cold turkey and NRTs don't do it for me. What should I do? Start smoking again and let Champix do the work? Or continue cold turkey?

When I gave up the first time around, which was cold turkey a few years ago, I had a very bad cold and the taste of fags was pretty disgusting so I guess that helped. Now, I constantly think how nice it is to smoke and how much I miss it.

I do want to give up but I am thoroughly confused on what to do. Today has been the worst day for me.

Please help.



Hiya Pip - I'm on my first day today - and boy have I struggled loads (I'm also dead emotional which is not helping !!) - BUT (and it's a big BUT) - my partner (Sharkbait) has done the Champix thing.

The essence is simply this (as I understand it) - Champix "turns off" receptors in the brain that make smoking pleasant (when 'er indoors first started, she'd have a cig but feel like she hadn't had one - then they started to make her feel sick). As she approached her "stopping day" she kept telling me that she didn't feel ready - then she woke up on her chosen day and hasn't looked back since.

She hasn't even had a single puff of any tobacco related product and is doing fantastically well (she is the inspiration for me to have not cracked today). She does still get cravings but she knows that it is pointless and unnecessary to smoke and just won't give in. I do know some other Champix users that have said that when they do give in and have a cig, that they have been physically sick which has reinforced their desire not to smoke.

Stick with it Pip. It's all a big con trick aimed at breaking your body, your mind and your bank balance.

I'm just not having it any more. I haven't "given up" anything. I've stopped destroying my heart and lungs and given myself a sporting chance of seeing my children grow up.:p


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