No Smoking Day

I survived my smoking sis's visit

:) Oh word i managed my bi g sisters weekend visit, even getting totally tanked up on wine, sitting on a pub bench with her puffing away, our 2 kids (aged 9&10) moaning all the time and her smoking in my garden! and i'm going to admit that on saturday night after yet a few more wines(would be rude not too when i don't see her very often) i asked for a puff......... had 2 drags and she said "well what do you think" . It tasted yuk, though i think i could have taken it up again but didnt!. Noticed the smell of it too.... very weird not a nice smell perhaps it was her brand of cigs. So here i am on day 23 and i've saved £175 so far. Dont get me wrong im far from cured, i still have the feeling that i need one but i just grab a glass of wine and im fine lol. (not during work time i must add lol). This weekend was a real test and as i said before i was not looking forward to it incase i failed but I DID'NT:D . By the way what section should i be typing in as i am on day 23? is this still classed as week 3?

Best regards to you all,


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well done you!

Hi cazzy you did dead well not giving in to temptation, and maybe those few puffs was enough to strengthen your resolve.

Youy sound like me, when the going gets tough wheres that bloody beer?!

We will all be raging alcoholics by the time we are through, we'll prob all meet on an AA forum in the future lol.

A few of us are starting week four and I think that you just stay here on week 3 until next week when we can go on to month 2.

I will be breaking out the bubbly for that one, when I first joined up I thought "wow theyve all done really well getting that far I hope I make it to there" and weve nearly done it, wahey!

Well done again cazzy.

Charlene :D


Well done cazzy x x x x thats a great thing to help show your strength in this quit x x ~Buffy x x


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