No Smoking Day

Week 18 here I come

Hi morning all you happy quitters

The start of week 18 for me I think last week has been my best so far maybe its having good news after my mamogram scare. I cant belive (me Linda) has almost gone 4 months with out a single puff I know I have shocked a lot of people including myself But the support from my family and all you lovely peeps on your has helped me So I would like to thank you all. All you new quitters keep going its so worth it to be free from Mr Nic Must Go now off to work Linda xxx Speak later

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Well done! It's so inspiring to read people's success stories when I've just started out on the quit journey. :)

You must be really, really proud of yourself and you should be.


Wow Linda!! CAN'T Believe it's week 18!!

Fantastic! what a star x x

If Mr Linda stays quit too everything will smell so fresh and before you know it you two will be off gallivanting around theme parks and rollercoasters again reliving your new found youth :D

~Buffy x x


Hi Linda

Congratulations on coming so far.

Off on your hols soon?.

Keep going.

Barb x


well done!

do you consider yourself a non smoker yet?


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