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new to the forum

hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I am on day 6 today.

I was coping quite well until yesterday when the cravings at work were horrendous. I am using a 4mg gum and aiming to get down to a 2mg in the next fortnight.

Its nice to have somewhere like this to come as everyone is in the same boat.

My husband is quitting as well but we are finding it hard to talk to one another without growling at the moment.

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Hey charlene, welcome!

Well done for deciding to quit! You have come to the right place there is advice encouragement and support by the bucketload here.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how hard it is not to smoke, it wil lnever be so difficult to not smoke again. Your every craving is weaker than the last as your dependance on nicotene fades to nothing.

All these feelings are temporary - they are the transition from the life of a smoker to a non smoker.

Hang in there with all your might, it will only get easier from here!


thanks for that.

I am excited to be giving up I just didnt realise about the physical withdrawls that happen, I thought that I would just crave the cigarettes, I didnt know there would be headaches, dizzy spells, and waking up in the night and stuff, hell, I even dreamed I was smoking the night before last and when i woke up, at first I forgot I had given up and then was quite down in the dumps when I remembered, the dream was so vivid.

It really is very hard isnt it?

Just got to keep looking at that light at the end of the tunnel when you can go through the day and the idea of having a ciggy doesnt cross your mind, hopefully that day will be soon!


Hello Charlene, welcome to the site x x x x

One day between days 3 and 5 is renowned for being a real bad one!

Guess yours was yesterday and you got through it :D Well Done x x x x

It should be a little easier now and your nearly through your first week and that is a major hurdle accomplished, look at you! well done! you must be very pleased with yourself x x

Don't rush getting to 2mg gum take your time, don't even rule out taking on board more nrt if need be. The issue is to stay quit as comfortably as possible, what ever you do will involve oodles of will power !!

More importantly, i do hope you have been saving your smoking money so you can spend it on yourself! you need to be treating yourself to rewards you wouldn't usually bother with. It is time to focus on spending time on yourself and pampering yourself, you deserve it ~Buffy x x


thanks buffy, im glad you said that about the gum, because my husband who is using the 2mg gum told me that i am just swapping one dependency for another, I am just going to become more reliant on the 4mg gum and why did I bother to quit as the nicotine in the gum is high, but i smoked 25 cigarettes a day for 11yrs and more at the weekend.

But youve made me see that I should be proud, we all should because quitting is a huge deal no matter what nicotine substitute we use.


Good !

because you are right and he is wrong!

Sorry but he is, just smile sweetly and nod at him at the right times. You do this your way for you! :D

Also there are others here that are quitting as couples, was it muzzy?

Might be an idea for you to title a new thread

'Quitting as a couple' to get support from each other there, it can be tough with two snappy peeps lol

also if you search through Jim255's posts he went through it with his wife too.

You really must keep focused on you in your quit x x Keep it up ~Buffy x x


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