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hi everybody as you will see from my previous post i am on day 5, i am using champix and patches justintime raised a point regarding using patches with the champix saying that the patches would negate the use of the champix, anyone got any views on this. As i said i havent smoked for 5 days and feel good, but i would be frightened to remove patch in case i start smoking again

help me please :(

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Did your doctor say to use both? :confused:

It is unusual, Champix tells the brain that you've had nicotine even when you haven't, by reaching the same parts of the brain as the nicotine does. It then blocks them to real nicotine so you won't get the same pleasure from smoking as before.

I don't think the patches cancel out their job but you are probably not benefiting from the patches, try a lower stage of patch and see if you notice any difference first. Then new confidence installed you may be happy to give up ther patch.

A visit to your doctor / cessation person may help to explain and support you on a professional and one to one basis

Good luck keep us posted ~Buffy x



hi buffy,

the doctor percribed champix its just that i had nrt patches left over from last attempt, i suppose just trying to make doubly sure that i stop. i have had no side effects from using both up till now. I think i might wait till ive completed a week then remove the patches altogether, and see how i manage if i feel like i am struggling then i might use small patch just to help me out. i might be able to take the patch of now and be fine but i am frightened to try.

Today has been good for me, overslept this morning so missed the gym.

in the old days when i smoked i would have three rollies within 30 mins of getting out of bed, but i havent missed them at all. I have had no problems at work only after i have eaten my sarnies, then i just think of a naked angelina jolie :p and i am fine. :cool:


That sounds fine x x the main thing is you don't suddenly stop something and fall off!!

Today has been good for me, overslept this morning so missed the gym.

tut tut :rolleyes:

i just think of a naked angelina jolie and i am fine.

:o lalalalala can't hear you :o

only joking :D as long as you aint smoking

hehehehe glad your having a good day x x stay strong ~Buffy x x


In the clinical trials for Chantix to get approval Nrt was not tested with chantix.

It states the safety of Champix with NRT is unknown because it has not been tested.Your Doctor would go mad if he knew.Search in other forums under Chantix,In America it has been out longer named Chantix,Look for side effects. people there have more experiance of it It is a very strong new drug,Be very careful

Good luck


Yeah i saw that too, it hasn't been tested with other NRT but in my opinion if theres no ill effect by now I would imagine it's OK, in perspective to smoking 20 odd cigs a day!

It would of been researched enough to know that there is no serious issues with the two, otherwise warnings would be issued.

As it lies there is no real study on the use of NRT and champix together. As they work in different ways I can't physically see how it could be damaging, neither can i see how it would benefit!

But if it's become a crutch then you have to feel comfortable with coming away from the patch.

I think that you couldn't see the patches go to waste :D I wouldn't advise this combination method to anyone trying to quit :rolleyes:


Hi shellfish

I'm on champix too and from my understanding the drug blocks the nicotine receievers so that you should no longer crave the nicotine and no longer receive the "high/buzz/releif" that you appear to get from nicotine when you smoke. You carry on smoking when you first start taking the tablets and you should aim to quit smoking between the 8th & 15th day......I finally stopped on the 16th they tasted vile :(

As Justinetime says, these are pretty new tablets and strong stuff (I felt like a zombie in week 2 but it's better now), so i would definately take some professional quit nurse did stress the importance of not taking NRT whilst on champix but I didn't ask why!!! I have had bad skin reactions to patches in the past so it's something that I would not have considered....

Let us know how you get on



Hi loobylou thanks for your comments

I am on DAY 6 WOW!!!!

But after reading peoples concerns regarding patches and champix i removed the patch, i was panicking thought if i took patch of i would need a ciggy but relief i have been fine,

i quit on day 13 with the champix but i have been so tired, had several nights where i wake up 2/3 times but no nightmares though.

How are you getting on with champix had any bad days yet?


Seen in the trials where 46 people used both for 12 days .They reported the common side effects were made worse and there was a significant drop in blood pressure

Good you have removed the patch,you should feel better.Also just think by doing so ,all nicotine will leave the body in a couple of days.


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