Day 10 with Champix

HI all

This is my first post...after "lurking" for a while!!:o

Just thought I'd let you know how I've been getting on!

I never thought I'd go 10 days without smoking - not one little puff and I am so so so proud of myself!

I have "tried" to give up smoking a lot - and tried everything (apart from accupunture!)........I had TB a few years back and even smoked through that :(

Had a bash with the patches (again) a few months back.......failed......

So I read with great excitement about this new drug and thought I'd give it a whirl......

The first week I felt like poo - the morning pill made me feel really nauseous and my temper!! Blimey, it felt like PMT x 100 and I was still smoking at this stage!! short fuse was an understatement :mad:

The second week was verrry surreal.......I felt like I had been hit by a bus and felt like a lead weight and tired - boy, I could have slept for england...and quite tearful!

I was at the verge of stopping the tablets so I went back to the Dr and he did say that I was having a bum deal as far as the side effects but that they should ease....

anyway...on day 16 of taking the tablets - and I have stopped. Finito.

It's very weird, you feel like something is missing but kind of shrug it off and get on with whatever you're's not like you've "given up" smoking at all. I just do not feel like I want or need a cirgarette and I thought I'd never hear myself say that.

So day 10 of being free. I'm more level now :p but feel quite tired still though when I wake up in the morning but I'm not smoking!!! YAY

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  • well done!

    i assume you are on zyban then?

    ive heard stories like dry throats and your side effects before, i tend to think this is a last resort which i guess it was for you!

    keep it up :)

  • Welcome to the site lurker!:p

    Sounds like you really persevered!! well done to you x x it has obviously started to pay off, i take my hat off to you!!

    Well Done keep it up xx hope it doesn't get like that again! if i had PMT x2 my family would probably go in to hiding! :D

    ~Buffy x

  • Welcome looby

    10 days is not a bad head start well done and keep going Linda xx

  • well done!

    i assume you are on zyban then?

    ive heard stories like dry throats and your side effects before, i tend to think this is a last resort which i guess it was for you!

    keep it up :)

    Hi, not on Zyban. I'm on Champix!

    Tried Zyban before but I had to come off it as I was having pretty bad palpatations(sp) :eek:

  • sorry yeah should have realised from the title, but i wasnt sure what champix was?!

  • Any good dreams yet,champix gave me plenty

    Well done

  • Thanks for the welcomes :)

    Muzzy - Champix is a new stop smoking tablet and I don't think it will be readily available from your GP yet (21st July?) but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones and my GP is able to prescribe it. It's similar to Zyban in that you continue to smoke when you first start taking the medication and you set a quit date between the 8th & 15th day. The active ingredient is Varenicline and it works by blocking the nictotine receptors in the brain so you no longer repsond to the nicotine hit and no longer crave nicotine. So, when you light up, you get no releif/buzz from nicotine and I found they tasted horrid!!!! :eek: ......and I quit on the 16th day (one day late, but it's working for me!!)

    Justintime - dreams!! Lots of them. I don't usually remember my dreams but when that alarm goes off in the dreams seem so vivid and I feel I could sleep for another few hours!! I have read that some people have trouble sleeping on champix....I think I'm the other extreme at the mo.!!

    Oh, and did I mention?.....I'm soooooo pleased that I'm a non smoker!!!! :p

    Great forum by the way :)

  • hehehe Looby :D

    I posted a great psychedelic dream pic for someone before, seems we are missing out on these almost hallucinogenic type dreams by not taking champix :D maybe i should get some anyway :p

    Great to hear your feeling positive, you sound very calm and at ease

    well done x x x x ~Buffy x x

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