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No Smoking Day
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Hey I'm new - at the end of day 1

Hey guys and gals, I just found this place.

A little about me for those who like to know these things...

I'm 21 years of age

I have smoked cigarettes for around 4 years

This time last week I would smoke my way through 15 cigarettes per day

On night's out with friends I could see my way through a good 40 in a day/night

I've tried quitting before, although I think I failed becasue I realised I didn't really want to quit...which is not the case this time.

I've thrown all my cigarettes, cigarette papers, tobbaco pouches, ash trays, lighters, matches, all that stuff is out of my house and car.

I Also joined a gym which I was meaning to do anyway - hopefully to feel the burn of the 'smoker's lung' all the time to make me concious of what i've done to myself over the years! (and of coure hopefully to notice it decreasing!)

I'm going at it cold turkey, I've not smoked a cigarette for 24 hours and at the moment I feel pretty comfortable! (Many friends have quit today too, some of which are seemingly suffering badly even with patches and stuff)

I think tomorow at work may be a different story though, but we'll see.

I'm already loving the fact that for the first time in years I just brushed my teeth and my breath actually smells of mint now - and tastes like it too! - Sounds strange but it feels so good!

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hi, i dont know what i`m doing here, but i`m doing the turkey too.

feels strange and not sure if i should wake up the road with " keep the f****** noise down", as it seems like i can here for miles, into other peoples conversations etc.. good buzz though. feel abit light headed. wonder what next day brings. again, i`ve got no help here, no patches. so far so good.

tap soon pete


Welcome Pete and Mannion! x x x

Congrats on the start of your quit, great decision x x x x

It will be up and down :D but so very much worth it, Keep yourselves busy as possible and take it hour by hour the gym is a fantastic tool nice one x x

Sipping water will also help also reading, writing walking etc etc anything to keep you busy x x also a good idea is to save up the money you would usually spend on smoking and use it to treat yourself along the way, keep a record too of how much money you are saving!!

So keep busy and keep yourself well indulged :D

Keep strong ~Buffy x


Hey thanks for the warm welcome. There is a wealth of good information and people on this site, I'm glad I found this place!

I was going to make a thread in day 2 (as I am of course still going strong =D) But I don't have much to report...

I've hardly seen anyone smoking all day due to the ban which has really helped..out of sight out of mind and all that!

My cravings are frequent but moderatly weak - I wouldn't say i've come close to giving in yet!

I've spent all the money I would usually buy cigarettes with on food - my apetite has doubled!!!!

hehe, thanks again!


I've hardly seen anyone smoking all day due to the ban which has really helped..out of sight out of mind and all that!

hehehe I have :D I saw a lady crunched up under her brolly outside the pub in the pouring rain *Ahhhh* life is sweet on this side of smoking :D

Appetite thing hehe yes I know what you mean!! I gained a stone in weight in all :eek: but it's settled now and i am not overweight so tis ok Started gym to kind of pull it in a bit :D

The only thing you need to worry about is not smoking, eat all you can by all means! while you have the good excuse to!

Glad your still going x x x keep it up x x x


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