No Smoking Day

Hi all

Well if anyone is wondering, I failed:(

I got up in the morning at my usual time, showered etc, didn't even crave a cig. Then did things about the house, fine. Had coffee etc, 'phoned pals, just a general Saturday morning. Went shopping, got big shop in, started to crave a cig like mad. Got home had something to eat, this seemed to help, then one hour later had a fag in me hand. I felt I had let myself down BIG time:(

Went out in the evening, didn't take any cigs with me. Then when my hubby and I opened a bottle of wine when we got home, I failed again, had one. No will power at all, sunk before I started!!!!!!! :confused:

Today, I've had one, I must admit I didn't even enjoy it. Does anyone else go through stages like this, and then finally stop, or is it just me??? "no will power".

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Hi Bonnie,

I've had quits where I haven't lasted three hours on quite a number of occasions and I've also had relatively trouble free long periods as a non smoker. My problem has always been staying stopped permanently.

Maybe you just hadn't got to that stage in your mind where you really really want to stop and that strong desire pulls you through the early stages.

Interestingly I saw a research article recently which reckoned that people who quit smoking without a pre-planned quit date were found to be more successful than those who set a future date to quit smoking. That kind of makes sense to me. When I quit 13 days ago I lobbed my last few fags out the car window in disgust and haven't smoked since. If I'd have set a date for next week i couldn't guarantee to feel that sense of revulsion at smoking that I felt at that moment next week.

Keep trying because people who succeed in quitting smoking generally have a few failed attempts along the way.


Hello Bonnie x x

You haven't failed you've taken another step. It is very common to slip up the odd cig here and there and strive onwards and upwards to a successful quit x x

It will make it harder as you introduce the withdrawal each time but the more you get up brush yourself off and carry on the easier it gets x x with error you learn where your weakness lies and avoid those weaker areas / times

3 steps forward 2 steps back is a gradual but positive way forward x x

Keep with it and you'll come through shining ~Buffy x


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