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Day 11 and I'm still here

Well its been a a couple of days since I posted but no I havn't fallen by the wayside I'm still not smoking which has me completely amazed:D

Day 11 and I have saved £70 by not smoking 30 cigs a day!!


Now I know that we all know that this habit has cost us a fortune over the years but if it wasn't for the suggestion of a "cash not ash" jar i dont think I would have realised just quite how much and how quickly it could add up. So thanks to whoever suggested that idea ... not sure but I think it was Buffy (prob was cos shes a star and seems to know everything there is to know about this quitting lark! and is full of good ideas):)

Anyway the last couple of days i have felt a bit down and not as motivated as i was but the money thing has picked me up this morning so now i figure whenever i think i want a cig I can distract myself by thinking about how I'm gonna spend the money (think I'll keep saving and buy something big that i thought i couldnt afford... maybe a new pc or new sofa!!)

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Morning Dragonfly

Really pleased about your day 11 great idear about the BIG treat also every one feels down in the quit but it do pass. What I done was keep thinking of the time you have done and think i am not going back to day one

Well done and lots of Love Linda xx


Morning dragonfly

Congrats on day 11.:) I hope to get there , no i will get there.

As my baccy was cheap i am not saving much but it all helps.

I will put my money towards my holiday at butlins in august.

I am going to see Eton Road there as i love that group.

Keep up the good work

Barb x.


Grats on Day 11 Dragonfly!! You rock!!

Yes it may well of been me that suggested the 'retail therapy Jar', as i like to call it!, I get a buzz out of spending that money! part of it is going on to gym fees now! :D hehe

I also need a real PC this is a laptop and is slow now days :rolleyes:

The rest will also go towards Butlins lol Going to try out the shoreline hotel because my older kids won't be with us over the summer hols as they're going portugal with their dad. it'll just be me, the other half and our daughter. Usually we cant go shoreline because no rooms are big enough!!

She absolutely loves the skyline gang and titan, if shes happy we generally are too!


Hi Dragonfly - good to see you with us - gosh the whole cash thing really is odd isn't it - you just don't realise (or deny!!) how much you just throw away

We're all here for you...



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