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No Smoking Day
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Day Two yay!!

Well i am now allowed to move up and post on day two.... feeling rather proud of myself!!!:D

Can't say i wasn't tempted when i woke up n couldnt follow my usual routine i.e coffee and several fags!!:confused:

Still I resisted, came on here to read the postings instead and here i am:)

On previous quits when i was using nrt i found that i slept really badly , as in i either had really vivid dreams or i didnt sleep at all but this time i feel a lot calmer and slept well. So i'm thinking that maybe thats because of the zyban.

Cant say it hasnt been without side effects cos i had a dry mouth (which was easily solved!) and nausea (not so easy to cope with so just toughed it out for a few days !)

Still feel theres something missing but i aint giving in cos i'm sick of paying ridiculous prices for something thats harming me. Makes me cross tho that smokers are taxed so highly that the income generated by them would easily cover the costs of the nhs and yet they are told they are costing the nhs too much and now that they can be refused treatment because they are smokers......... but i don't care cos i aint a smoker any more!!!!;)

OOOOHHH ... Brave words hope i live up to them!

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Morning x

Welcome to day 2 :D

Doing so well!!

The dry mouth obv easily solved hehe but also worth mentioning the benefits of regular water intake, it does help withdrawal and is so beneficial to your health, energy and skin! search the forum for water and you'll see how many have benefited!

Also the 'empty' feeling or 'loss' is very common, the smoking was your first port of call for so long and now you have walked away! the separation process is an emotional one, and hard to ride, a search again and you'll hopefully get some encouragement through others.

Keep going x we are right behind you! :D


Well done and keep up the good work:)


Hi - I too found the mornings difficult at first because of the old routine thing but it never enters my head first thing in a morning now. I did change my routine slightly - I used to get up have coffee and fag then have a wash/teeth etc. Now I have a wash/teeth/hair blah de blah then a coffee and I honestly don't even think about a fag.

I still feel the 'something missing feeling' but have found that I really don't want a fag any more it's more a craving for 'something' if you know what I mean!!! Even that passes so quickly.

Best wishes stick with us....

Loopy XX


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