No Smoking Day

4th day blues


I've been lurking round here for a while now but thought i'd use this forum to articulate my experience and see if it makes things any easier.

I'm on day 4 and I have to say the depression has set in big time. It's hard to describe but it just feels like everything in the world is a bit darker and less colourful.

Just moping around looking for things to look forward to at the moment. Have promised myself a cup of tea in an hour.

Trying to deal with today and today only. The instant I think beyond that it all just feels a bit overwhelming and I start to doubt my resolve. Also trying to keep the addiction part of my brain (AKA the devil on my shoulder) from trying to convince me that one cigarette won't hurt (for anyone else suffering this I heartily recommend visualising this addiction as a person you don't like and then imagining yourself beating them senseless whenever they start nagging you to have a fag).

I'm not sure what's worse, this or the irritability of days 1, 2 and 3 (not that that's gone away, just got more manageable).

Well tomorrow's another day, and hopefully a better one than today... chin up and all that.


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Hang in there gets better. Guess that devil has had a hell of lot of arse whoopin's!! hehe



hello mark x

welcome x

hour by hour is all you can do right now x

take it that way and do not terrify yourself with time beyond.

Whatever you can manage is an achievement and the more you achieve the easier it becomes, the more you can see what you can achieve.

hang on in there because this decision is life changing, it is all good and you are worthy of the positive change x


Thanks guys, your support genuinely helps.

I'm feeling a bit better now in fact. I think it's just the constant cravings gnawing away at me and begining to wear me down but they seem to have passed for now.

I am so determined not to fail this time, I'm going cold turkey and it seems to be working better. I've got myself psyched up into a "No Pain, No gain" sort of mindset. I'm not recommending this by the way unless you are of a similar personality to me (ie. stubborn).

Thanks again




Have you considered a cessation person? gp or pharmacist can help you there they are good!

if need be :rolleyes:

I have to admire your strength! fighting attitude x jump started there !


Good luck mate ;)


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