No Smoking Day

Day 6...Cold Turkey....How I got here!!

Hi All

I used to be a cigar smoker (a cigarette smoker previously but had managed to quit for 10 years before I had a cigar in Havana about 4 years ago....anyway).

So I knew from my previous successful quit (I consider 10 years a success....just stupid to smoke that cigar!!) that I had to have a clear plan in my head and stick to it.

Firstly I wanted to go cold turkey with no patches or meds of any kind......firstly because I knew after 6 days the worst of it would be over and secondly because I believe that your body getting any nicotine is just dragging out the withdrawal (I know others will disagree, but it's my opinion).

So I had to have a plan to get me through 6 days.

I bought enough food (lots of fresh fruit and fruit juices, fish and skinless chicken, light veggies, muesli and yoghurt) to get me through 7 days without me having to go to any shop at all.

I also have a Concept2 rowing machine.....

So I went Cold Turkey last Wednesday about midday, every time I got an urge to smoke after that I rowed about 1000m on the rowing machine (takes about 8 minutes) and drank a litre of room temp water. Sure took my mind off smoking.

During yesterday the cravings dropped dramatically and I'm pretty sure I've now got this beat, I won't be having any booze for 3-4 weeks to be sure and will stick to rowing every time I get a craving....that should hopefully offset some of the extra food I'm eating!!

Good luck to everyone out there...if you can go 5 days with no nicotine at all I'm sure you can beat this.

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Well anyone with a great, well thought out plan, is in with a very good chance!!

Good on you! I think that is your road to success there!

Well Done Keep it up!!

And tomorrow you shall wear a proud 1 week smile!

:D ~ x X x X x ~


Yep, well done!

The more methods that people use and work for them the better I say. Keep us updated on your progress! :)


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