No Smoking Day

Day 4, this is great

Hi all

I am sure this site and all the great people giving support is giving me the extra will power to stop. It feels great to promote yourself to a new section the more you progress with this :D

Well, day 4 has arrived. Never thought this would happen. I had such a better nights sleep last night.

The cravings were bad yesterday evening but I cooked myself a nice meal and kept occupied and then they went away.

I am finidng myself going to bed really early and playing on the playstation to keep my mind off things. It seems to be working for me at the moment and the wife is happy with whatever will work.

BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON HERE GIVING SUPPORT!!!! It means a lot and it's far more effective than receiving a pack through the post stating what happens to your body day by day to me :)

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Well Done you should be proud of yourself :)


Hi Richard keep up the good work your doing great

Morning Sue Hope you are doing ok


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