No Smoking Day

Share the love and the fury!!!


Big big big thank yous and love yous!!!

I truly do not know what i would do without this forum, and i really don't think i would've got this far without it. The WHOLE idea of it is perfect, those of you who are ahead in days can offer support and advice, and those of you who have just started make me feel like i have achieved something being on Day 8 and i want to give support and advice.

The 'real' people in my life ask if i'm still off the smokes but thats all they want to know, they don't want to here all the stuff about your cravings, lack of sleep, funny dreams etc. Whereas the 'virtual' people here have a geniune interest because we're all going through it here and now.

The nicotene monster has been playing holy hell with me the past few days but i've sent him off again and i'm feeling good. I'VE STOPPED FOR OVER A WEEK!!!

Just wanted to share the love and good feeling and give a genuine big thank you to Boudee, Lindaspicer, Jules, Bea and any others who have given supportive posts to me and others.

Hope you're around next time i have a wobbly!!!:o

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Morning Choco

Thank you

I know what you mean about this site cant wait to have a look every day how everyone is doing. I never thought I would of got this far but thanks to everyone on here I am on the first day of my sixth week. Linda


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