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No Smoking Day
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day 11 so happeeeeeeeeeeeee


hi everyone

in a much better mood today, ive got a day off from work went for a long walk over the forest with my dog, i felt like i had a spring in my step i keep smiling today im so proud of myself, i just wish my husband would pack up the ciggies ive stopped him from smoking indoors but i cant false him he has got to make that decision his self. i keep telling him none of our friends smoke and none of the family smoke and in july its going to be even harder when we go out not for me but for him because i will never go back to that weed again

happy alison

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wow good for you.

ive only just realised your on the same day as me :D

did you find yesterday and the day before hard?



Hi Allison.

Day 13 today few hours and you have done 2 weeks good girl Linda


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