No Smoking Day

Yesterday was the day and today will complete it

HELLLLOOOOO ALLL MY NON SMOKING FRIENDS-- My name is John. Was a heavy smoker of 1.5pk per day for 20+ years. Smoking since I was a kid. Quit briefly in college to see if I could do it. Then a death in the family and a move and picked it up again and havenever stopped again until yesterday.

I have Carr's book which was a very good way to get you mind right with the whole idea and started Chantix therapy (who knows if it is working- I was pretty set to do it anyways).

Yesterday evening and night were fine-- Not really even an urge. This morning mild urge but woke up late on purpose to rush out and not think about it.

All day at work no real problems.

Tonite -- holy crap I am so freaking anxious. Can't say I want one-- I really dont since i am a non smoker but my nerves feel shot. I am snapping at all and the kids are driving me absolutely nuts. Could be the coffee too, but I have had that much coffee before and have not felt like this.

Is the anxiety normal. I almost feel like in a cloud and everything is racing but it really isn't and i know it isn't. I dont want a cigarette and dont really feel like one-- so i am at a loss. Is this normal after your 1st 24 hrs off the poison?

1 day down- 21,900 to go and can't wait.

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Okay so anxiety is gone- wanted to see if I could go out with all the friends and not have one-- drank like a fish and not even an urge although I did catch a whiff and nothing- Though it actually smelled gross. Thank God!!! 33hrs quit -drinking already and i dont want one--0 I love myself-- finally a non-smoker!!!


Hello and welcome to the forum

Well done to you! You are very Confident :D good Quitting attitude!

but be careful, you don't want to fall hard as soon as it gets a bit tough! it may do yet!

Just keep posting good or bad :D we want to know how you are doing!

As Boudee says, you know where we are



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