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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 outing

Hi guys hope you all doing well on day 3. Had good day with lots of fresh air and company, decided to get together with some of the young mums I know and let the kids all play together (half term ) my grandaughter loved it all toddlers together. Great for me as havent had much time to think about smoking although a few cravings. I was even in first place in our train of buggys on the way to local park ( no whezzing coughing or stopping to light up ) Well all round good day, feet are killing me, all toddlers home in bed and another smoke free day I must say my freinds are shocked and Im bloody proud of myself. Wish you all well on the rest of day 3 x Sue

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:D Well done Sue x x Glad you enjoyed your smoke free day 3!

Sounds like your grand daughter enjoyed being with you too :D

Sleep well and sweet dreams Sue x

Onwards and upwards to a bright day 4! :D


Cheers Buffy, just been having another look round the site lots of different stories from lots of different people, seems to me there is a great need for a site like this. Thank god for the Internet I think its so important to know you can just write stuff to get it out of your head when you are struggling, then all of a sudden you get a reply from someone who is having a hard time thereselves but has time to give support. Thanks :)


All in the same boat! :D

Yes your right! the beauty of this forum is that because of the need to support and be supported everyone generaly gets on very well! We're all fighting the same battle i guess :D

I couldn't of quit without this bunch or at least it would of been a much worse experience!

Glad it's helped you too x x


Can't believe I have had a few glasses of wine without lighting up ( I know its not good idea) Wednesday Wine Night (always has been ) and needed to know if I could hack it, maybe it was my own little test as never even tried to give up before so everything is very new experience. My 2 sons are very pleased for me sent me txt today. I know it wont be such a big deal to everyone soon but it is to me and also for you guys xxx Sue


Hehe It's such a relief when you realise you can still enjoy your wine! Even if it does taste different!! It's a big deal! It's a life changing Deal!!

Well Done again x x


Sue you are doing great> think i have had more wine since i give up. Not when my eldest son is around he has big problem with drink. But he as stopped again since saterday hears hoping again. About you sons txting you my daughter has txt every morning since I quit god love shes my star Well done again linda


Ooooh Linda!

I am so pleased to hear about your Son, Saturday hey! good going so far :D hope this is THE quit for him x x x x x


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