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Start Of Week Four


HI Everyone, This is the first day of my week four how I got this far I dont know. But very glad I am feeling great still on my patches but they keep falling off. My partner is giving up from 12 tonight good luck to him. I would like to say good luck to you all and thank you for being here you have all helped noend. Be back later off to work now. Linda xxxx

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Amazing Week4!! Way to go linda! And good for your partner too!

You'll be of a great Support and inspiration to him, he's a lucky chap to have you to help him through his quit. Good Luck Lindas' chap :D

Well Done Linda x x


keep it up!

you can definetly do it now!



Keep it up Linda, your this far in would be a shame to let all the hard work go to waste now.

Thanks everyone dont feel to hot today. Dont know why I am going mad I think. Going to have a bath after tea and get back on track. love to you all Linda

Take it easy x

Hope you feel better after your

Thanks Buffy Did feel a little better. Much better this morning hope to stay like this all day. Realy glad I didnt give in last night Would of KICKED my self this morning. thanks again Love linda

Realy glad I didnt give in last night Would of KICKED my self this morning.

That's why it hurts so bad when a slip up occurs! it may be such a strong feeling, it's only for a relatively short amount of time though, on the grand scale of things! feels good to get though it without slipping up!!

Well Done x x

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