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Distraction is working for me!

Hi. I’m new to this forum, but a mate at work swears by it and seems to spend half their life on here! I haven’t touched a cigarette for two months now which is a personal best (alright I have touched one, but I didn’t smoke it which is progress!). I was never too heavy, only about ten a day but felt I had to try and stop this time for the kids. Basically for me I’m someone who just fidgets when I’m bored, I’m always doing something with my hands and picking up things. The first few days without a cigarette was really killing me as I’m so used to having one between my fingers, so my husband recommended I do anything to try and change the habit, such as playing on the kids video games. Not being one for the modern games (give me Tetris any day!) had a look on the net and found this wicked games site called The games are really fun (and definitely mum proof) and the kids can’t believe that I’m even outscoring them now! Best of all, there’s a brilliant chat forum to talk to other players, a great chance to talk to other people who you know you need never actually meet.

They’ve just launched an anti-smoking campaign, giving people the chance to talk about quitting. Well worth checking out.

Em xx

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