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Distraction tips please!

I'm on my first day and whilst today went okay while I was at work, it's the evening where I know I'll struggle most. I'm avoiding social situations this weekend but just watching TV is a big association for me. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep myself motivated or distracted? I'm currently alternating between this forum and biting my nails at the mo!:eek:

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hi foozle, now this may sound strange, but i find cleaning up a great distraction, but maybe it only works for me because i'm so messy!!

well done on quitting, first day of the rest of your life, live it up!


Ah, thanks 5mol<er, I do have a few particularly messy kitchen cupboards that have been crying out for a spring clean :D What better opportunity than now, although on a Friday night? Aghh! But I know you're so right, this is the first day to a better, healthier life so I am determined - cupboards, here I come! *rolls up sleeves and reaches for the flash*.

Thanks for the advice!


yay! and tomorrow you will wake up to healthy lungs and lovely kitchen cupboards, beautiful! :)


Silly internet games such as bejeweled blitz really help to pass the time. Or cleaning and then you actually achieve something at the same time! :D


Taking your mind off smoking

I attacked the car. Cleaned out all traces of fag ash from the inside. Bit of polish took the 'stale fags' smell away and rubbed that special stuff into the seats - leather ones. Next day it got a wash and polish. Wheels de-mucked, the lot. Problem WAS - I wanted my 'reward' when I'd finished, both days. I still fancy a fag - no point beating about the bush. Crave maybe a bit too strong, but I'd have one now if I could. The boss (my mind) says I can't, so that's that! Day 31 about (10.30pm) to be ticked of successfully.


hi iggle you just have one fag and see how you feal.i bet you will hate your self for having one,,after all the pain and hardship you have gone throught,,not worth it iggle,,not one bit ,,i was like you ,,and jack was the same ,keep saying i dont smoke ,i dont are stronger than you think,,like i say keep the faith TONYX


Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep myself motivated or distracted? I'm currently alternating between this forum and biting my nails at the mo!:eek:

In the early days of your quit a routine change is worthwhile.

If, like me, you were the sort that nipped out for a fag during every commercial break then maybe not watching tv is a plan for a bit?

Similarly avoiding situations where you know temptation will lurk is a sound move for some. ;)


I found sucking on a straw helped me a lot as I missed the action of taking a drag from the cigarette, also I would chew the straw and wrap it around my fingers for something to do with my hands.

I did also find that the blue snake like thing that you get in the NHS stop smoking kit really good. I think you can get them from your local chemist now as I was 2 months stopped before the thing arrived and I ordered it in my 1st week of stopping :eek:

Taking the dog for a walk, baking, reading, and a long soak in the bath.

Good luck hope some of this helps :)


It's good to have a boss that tells you you can't smoke like Iggle Piggle has. Yes you are the boss the only one that can stop you smoking. As Tony says keep telling yourself you don't need to smoke and you don't want to smoke and one day you will believe the boss, yourself.

In the early stages I would snooze alot but I would come on here I also played Spider Solitaire on the computer between posts.



Hey you guys, thanks so much for all your great tips. I actually managed to get through the weekend okay. Well I went to see my folks who didn't really know I smoked which helped a lot. Then they roped me into some gardening so I came back home yesterday feeling pretty bloody good and healthy. Today was pretty tough though - I even asked some of my colleagues for a cigarette mid-morning but they were bloody brilliant and helped me resist the urge. That was a bit scary though as I thought I'd cracked it over the weekend :( Little steps though - it's Day 4 and I've not even had a puff. Feeling cautiously optimistic.

Thanks for the advice guys - off to clean some more of my flat now! Hope it's all going well with you newbie non-smokers!!!


Ah, thanks Karri. Yeah, they've been great. Long may it continue!!!


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